Tue.May 12, 2020

Your Work from Home Employees Are Burning Out. You Can Help

Evil HR Lady

When your commute is only 30 seconds long and doesn’t even require pants , it’s easy to think that a whole lot of stress is gone. And, sure that commuting stress is gone, but so is your time to sit alone and listen to a podcast. Working from home can cause a different kind of burnout. One, where you don’t know when work begins and ends, and where you never really have any time off. You’re always at the office, so therefore, you’re always working.

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Contracts Matter. A Lot

Sklover Working Wisdom

“We agree, but we can’t put that into writing.”. I’ve spent 38+ years negotiating contracts. all sorts of contracts and agreements. Employment Contracts. Compensation Agreements. Partnership Agreements. LLC Agreements. Severance Agreements. Board Director Service Agreements. You name it, I’ve negotiated it. In that time, many times I’ve heard it said “We agree to that. but we can’t put it into writing,” for some reason or another.

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Working From Home: Can You Give Me Some More Energy Please?

The HR Capitalist

We know that post-COVID, more work from home is reality. We'll still have offices, but it's going to be hard to get all the way back, right? How do we know that Jenny and Mike aren't feeling great and maybe aren't giving it everything they need to on a random Monday? . Simple! Emotional Recognition Software! One provider in this field has the following stats since call center reps went to mostly virtual work during COVID-19: --Average Customer Experience Scores have fallen by 4%.

2020 93

Best Cubicle Quotes

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Best Cubicle Quotes. When it comes to issues of productivity and motivation, sometimes a simple quote can be all you need. We’re reviewing the best cubicle quotes of all time and are hoping that these quotes will give you the inspiration, motivation, and determination you need to finish strong at work. Quotes concerning motivation, inspiration, and productivity seem to be all the rage right now. They are, often, succinct, to the point, and direct in their humor and wisdom.

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how do I respond to colleagues who are jealous of my furlough?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I’m furloughed, along with about 98% of my organization (~35,000 people), the vast majority of them public-facing retail. When the corporate furloughs came, one of the “reassuring” points leadership widely circulated was that, at some compensation levels, with unemployment plus the federal stimulus and our company paying our insurance premiums, an employee stands to make more money while unemployed.

2020 33

update: my boss makes me wear her clothes, eat her food, and say I’m grateful for my job

Ask a Manager

Remember the letter-writer whose boss made her wear the boss’s clothes, eat the boss’s food, and say she was grateful for her job ? Here’s the update. First of all, I want to thank you and your readers for all the wonderful advice. I’m fairly new to the professional workforce and that, coupled with ADHD and anxiety led to me believing this environment was normal and I was just a failure for being overwhelmed and stressed.

2020 32

my company wants me working fewer hours — but I have so much to do

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: Since the pandemic, my company has been doing about double the work we were before the outbreak. I’m new (as of February) and my team is currently only half-staffed (two people instead of four). We are currently remote, and will be for at least another month. The other person on my team and I have been working extra long hours in order to keep up with the demand of our daily tasks and the constant emails from our business partners needing assistance from us.

2020 29

should I move in with coworkers, should managers not use a “busy” status, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Should I move in with coworkers? I am a 20-something in my first job out of grad school, and because of the low-paying industry I work in plus the high-cost-of-living area, roommates are a must. My company is made up mostly of other women in my general age bracket and stage of life, and I’m friends (or at least very friendly) with several coworkers.

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