Tue.Oct 06, 2020

10 Romance Novels You Need to Cuddle Up with This Fall

Ms. Career Girl

Romance novels. The excitement of a new love, the passion, the fights, the fall-out, and the reconnection. There may be a formula, but when it comes to romance novels that get the heart racing and the pulse surging, you know you’ve got a good one.

2020 205

From Law to Social Impact

Career Shifters

“I'd wanted to make a difference in the world, but instead my role left me feeling unfulfilled.”. Jake Levy didn't feel passionate about his work, or the career path unfolding in front of him.

2020 173

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The Real HR Show: Why You May Have to Say No to Remote Work

Evil HR Lady

Plus, a couple of questions! The post The Real HR Show: Why You May Have to Say No to Remote Work appeared first on Evil HR Lady

2020 158

“How Do I Shape My Vague Ideas Into A Concrete Plan?”

Career Shifters

Amanda’s built a successful career, but it's started to feel meaningless. While she knows broadly what she wants to do next, the way forwards is unclear.

2020 141

Faking It vs. Being Authentic at Work: A Primer.(with Podcast after post)

The HR Capitalist

I'm on the record that I like people who have the ability to " fake it until they make it ". Of course, there's a lot to unpack in that statement, namely whether people can do more harm than good with that approach - not only to their organizations, but also to themselves. A different and more important question surrounds the ability to bring your authentic self to work, vs. being in an organization where you feel like you have to "fake it" to survive and thrive.

2020 88

Best Police Officer Resignation Letter Sample (+ Free Template Download) [2020]


A police resignation letter isn’t too dissimilar from a traditional resignation letter. The author should speak with their department head, deputy chief, or police chief in advance of writing the resignation letter.

2020 52

my coworker told everyone we’re married … we’re not even dating

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: Last year, I left on a leave of absence for a few months to take care of my elderly parents. Then I returned to work. Apparently during that time, one of my coworkers began telling people we were married … not as in “work wife,” as in legally married, and everyone believed him. Honestly, I had no idea he had any feelings for me and I don’t think he knew I would be coming back.

2020 43

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my boss accused me of game-playing, eccentric references, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss accused me of game-playing and hung up on me. My boss, who is normally pretty chill, yelled at me on a phone call earlier this week and hung up on me (it was just the two of us).

2020 38

IT Auditor Job Description Template


Free IT Auditor job description template. An IT auditor (information technology auditor) or information systems auditor helps develop, implement, and test audit review procedures.

2020 52

how do I draw the line on political conversations at work?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I’m the lead for a small team that has brief daily morning “standup meetings” – usually around 5-10 minutes of checking in and updating one another about what we’re working on that day.

2020 34

my boss told me that I smell

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I recently started a position and my boss just called me in for a meeting that was really embarrassing: My boss told me that someone in the office had told them I had body odor. My boss told me that this wasn’t something they had noticed, so maybe it was just an odd, one day that had happened where I was particularly sweaty or something, but they thought I should know so I could do whatever I felt needed to be done. I don’t know what to do. I’ve never been told this before.

2020 24