Thu.Apr 02, 2020

Evil HR Lady on Podcasts

Evil HR Lady

First, I love being on podcasts. I love listening to podcasts. It’s super fun! So, if you have a podcast, I’m probably happy to be on it. Anyone doing a podcast about labor law violations in Tiger King? I am there. Here’s a few places to hear and see me!

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Top Tips and Techniques for A Successful Job Search

Professional Resume Services

Searching for a job is a crucial part of your professional career. It isn’t just about simply submitting a copy of your résumé to a recruiter and then waiting for a call.

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Let's Look at Glassdoor Reviews.For Glassdoor the Company!

HR Capitalist

I woke up this morning and learned that US weekly jobless claims jumped to 6.64 million in the week that ended Saturday, per the US Labor Department. That is more than double the prior week's report, which itself reflected filings that more than quadrupled the previous record.

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my company’s bad decision got me yelled at online (and socially)

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m a mid-senior level employee at an imprint of one of the big 5 publishing houses.

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Are Floral Ties Professional?

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Are Floral Ties Professional? When it comes to professionalism, there are often a ton of questions surrounding specific pieces of fashion and attire. One common question that we hear at The Corporate Con/noisseur surrounds floral ties.

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my coworker is breaking her paid quarantine, company expects people to keep working after they quit, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions and a sixth thing. Here we go…. My coworker is in quarantine with pay — and doing deliveries on the side. The place I work at still needs to be open despite the pandemic. The work cannot be done from home.

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Work It Daily's Coffee & Podcast Club

Career Realism

Get inspired to grow your career with Work It Daily's weekly Podcast Club for FREE! What Is This Club? Work It Daily's podcast club is a group where professionals can receive recommended podcast episodes geared towards inspiring you to grow your career.

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What it’s like to be a single parent who has coronavirus.

Penelope Trunk

I knew something was wrong the day my son lay in bed in an emergency room waiting for his MRI to come back. A nurse entered his room and said, “Has your son been outside the country recently?” ” I did a double-take. “It’s pretty late to be asking that, isn’t it?”

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let’s hear about awkward things you’ve seen on video calls

Ask A Manager

We’re all learning way too much about our coworkers and their homes on video calls — from the person who got a message saying her robe was too open , to the person who fell asleep on a call , to the person whose nude husband appeared in the background …IT’S ALL TOO MUCH INTIMACY AND WEIRDNESS. Let’s hear in the comments about the most awkward/weird/amusing things you’ve seen on video calls.

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my employee gave notice and now is slacking off

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: An employee of mine put in his two weeks’ notice a week ago. During that conversation, I outlined the tasks for his remaining time, and checked in with him again on the Monday after that conversation. However, for the past week, he has been coming in late, leaving early, and from what I can tell, not completing the tasks we discussed.

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