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Reasons LinkedIn Can Cause Problems at Work

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Job hunting on while you’re on company time, using company resources to help aid in a job search, or browsing any social media websites that contain job listings are three things that are generally ill-advised and best avoided.

Don't Give Out Your Facebook Password During an Interview!

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There has been a lot of press lately about interviewers asking candidates for their Facebook user name and password as part of the background check process. Just a quick sample below -. Job seekers asked to give Facebook passwords. Would You Give Out Your Facebook Password in a Job Interview? Employers Claim Feudal Rights Over Facebook Pages. Bosses requiring employees to disclose their social media passwords. So, the question becomes should you give them what they ask for?

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Facebook: Employers Wanting Usename and Password?

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Facebook is the 2nd most popular website in the world. People are constantly updating their status, sharing photos, and checking their friends’ status. This idea of sharing updates and posting pictures has literally changed our lives and the world we live in.

[Manifesto] 25 Useful Brainstorming Techniques

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New manifesto up! This one is an all-time classic among managers, project teams, students and teachers – Brainstorming techniques! :D Click image for larger version). Read for more details: 25 Useful Brainstorming Techniques. More manifestos in the manifestos section.

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Creating a Personal Branding Statement for an IT Resume

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Information technology is a unique field that has the privilege of being both highly-specialized and broad in its scope as new technologies develop and evolve. As a member of this field who is also seeking employment, you are likely to face candidates who bring a lot of expertise to the table.

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Useful Interview Instructions from Start to Finish

The Undercover Recruiter

In a difficult job market, making it to the job interview can feel like quite an accomplishment. But in reality, this is where your chance to land the position begins.

Deciding What You Want to Be When You Grow Up


Your college major matters. The internet has been abuzz with content related to this finding , which was the subject of a recently released Georgetown study. According to the study, your college major plays a huge part in determining your career path and salary potential.

The Top 25 HR/Recruiting Blogs List From FOT and the Capitalist.

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Short post today - check out my other blog at Fistful of Talent , which is a multi-contributor blog featuring some of the best voices in HR, recruiting and Talent Management - where we are doing a Top 25 Blog poll in HR/Recruiting/Talent Management. .

Boomers, Don’t Be Afraid to Learn From Gen Y

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Most of us assign a negative connotation to the term “.” It separates the young and old, the modern and the old-fashioned, and it serves to emphasize the often uncomfortable differences between people born many years apart. What if we turned things upside down and used the generation gap to embrace our differences and invite [.]. Careers Job News advice boomers

LinkedIn: The Job Seeker’s Secret Guide (Book Review)

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The Job Seeker’s Secret Guide to LinkedIn, a book written by Melanie Denny with Resume Evolution, is a great read for jobseekers who are seeking that added edge with the networking giant. LinkedIn can be an endless sea of networking opportunities, and this book puts you on the right track. In fact, LinkedIn has even

hiring people to work for a difficult boss

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A reader writes: I am an office manager in a small (we are talking 5-7 employees) business, and have been for the last 4 years. When I was hired, it was with the understanding that I would be leaving and starting my “career” as soon as I graduated from my master’s degree program (totally unrelated to anything I am doing here). My boss has been more than understanding about this, and we have been really open about it.

How Do I Avoid Making Another Bad Job Choice?

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More than half of the population really can’t stand their job right now. That’s not a change; it’s a fairly constant statistic. It’s also very sad to think that the majority of people spend so much time of each day being somewhat miserable. The concern many of those same people have is leaving one bad [.]. Career Management Dorothy Tannahill-Moran Job Search SEO1

Answer Questions, Yes. Housekeys? No

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There’s an article in the Huffington Post about asking candidates to turn over their Facebook login credentials , so the interviewers can see their “private” pages. If you provide your login credentials, your private Facebook pages are no longer private, are they? I have a difficult time understanding why an interviewer wants this information. Is the interviewer’s interviewing skills so insufficient they need to investigate you the backdoor way?

how to tell applicants “don’t call us, we’ll call you”

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A reader writes: I’m an HR Director for a manufacturing company. We see a lot of turnover, and I have an open job listing with the Employment Commission in our state. We take applications at our office, as well as a separate location in our city, but have pre-set days that prospective employees can drop off completed applications. Our employment ad states that we will not do interviews when people drop off their apps, and that we will not take any phone calls about job openings.

Babies, Nirvana, and the No-Goes of Online Dating

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Hi friends. As I mentioned in my last post , I’m an online dater. My friends are too. And while we’ve been studying this magical dating tool, we’ve quickly realized that there are a lot of guys online that just don’t have it together.

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Unemployed? Apply Here – March 2012


I searched some of the leading job boards and found the following companies that are actively searching to hire the unemployed. Here are 14 companies (or agencies) who hire unemployed workers in March 2012. Continued at [link]. Employment Economy Featured reCareered Blog career career change career coach Employment Job Job board job search Planning research unemployment who's hiring

How to Prepare for an Effective Telephone Interview

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Hiring managers have high expectations from you once you get to the interview stage. Unfortunately, all too often, Job Seekers fail necessary to be fully prepared for an effective interview performance. The following recruiting tips will assist you in better preparing for that coveted interview. KNOWLEDGE OF THE COMPANY The most important recruiting tip [.]. Careers Interviewing

Green Career Tip: Get Inspired & Educated by the Brightest Minds of the Global Sustainability Movement – A Great Opportunity

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Resource: The Spring of Sustainability: Solutions for a Thriving New World. A virtual summit to explore all we can do to leave a healthy, vibrant planet for future generations.

Magnetic & Knobby Knees: Success Wrapped in Promise


The story of me and surviving knobby knees. That's me. Ever since I was a little girl, I have felt different, like I didn’t fit in. I had a big mouth, beyond loud , just big. I was very skinny with knobby knees and pointy elbows.

Pathological Lying at Work

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I just called a colleague to ask him to participate in a third-party project I was working on.    I wanted him to join so that I‘d have an excuse to spend more time with him, and I found myself saying all sorts of things to get him to agree.    For example, the project wouldn’t require any time at all, and that it was the most meaningful initiative I’d worked on in years. Some of my comments were half-truths, and some were pretty close to being outright lies.

Networking Solutions for Young Professionals and Students

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Do you dread networking events ? Hate the idea of making “small talk” with strangers? Feel like you have nothing to contribute? It’s time to erase your networking fears and frustrations! Join Nationally Syndicated Career Expert, J.T.

My View:

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Forget Wall Street. Forget Real Estate. Forget Gold. Invest in Yourself for the Best Investment Return. It’s not an easy decision to make: where to invest your assets. Interest rates are so low, it hardly seems worthwhile to buy bonds.

How to Create a Dynamic Online Presence

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When recruiters go online searching for their perfect candidate, will they find you? Are you maximizing your use of Google and social media sites so that employers get a clear picture of you and what you can offer them?

How to be a good manager


Being a good manager involves a wide range of skills and responsibilities. Managing other people effectively and successfully is not an easy thing to do. A good manager must encourage employees to put forth their best effort. A good manager must promote team work, high productivity and high morale among the employees. A good manager must always put the company’s needs above his or her own, creating a healthy working environment that benefits the company and also its employees.

The Job Path of a Corporate Financial Officer

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This is a true story as told to JustJobs Academy which houses career interviews and job search advice for professionals in any industry.Visit to read about how to get promoted by blogging the right way outside of work. I am a corporate financial officer (CFO) with a midsized manufacturing company.