Wed.Apr 10, 2019

Tips for Seeking Out a Mentor from Successful Women Who Have Done It

Ms. Career Girl

Seeking out a mentor can be hard. Where do you look? How do you ask? However, mentorship can be a valuable tool in your career growth. In fact, people who have had a mentor are 130 percent more likely to be in a leadership role, according to

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Help Set Performance Goals for Employees

Evil HR Lady

We often talk about performance goals for employees only in the context of an annual performance review, but goal setting can — and should — take different forms. Effective employee goal setting can take several forms. We often talk about performance goals for employees only in the context of an annual performance review. We rate and categorize employees, set new goals, and then we forget about it all until next year.

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The difference between Financial Analysis and Economic Analysis

Imarticus Learning

Financial and Economic analyses are essentially used to determine the costs incurred and the resulting benefits from investing in a project. They both involve ascertaining the NPV or the net present value of a project based on its estimated present and future cash flows, appropriately discounted.

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What Policies Should an Organisation Have in Place to Support Mental Health?

The Undercover Recruiter

Welcome to our new online series on Mental Health in the Workplace. Taking care of our employees’ mental health is vital and we’ve brought together some of the world’s experts on this topic to share their thoughts with you. Our panel of 10 specialists will tell you everything there is to know about supporting your. View Article. What Policies Should an Organisation Have in Place to Support Mental Health? Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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Tips For Preparing For Your Next Job Interview

Career Realism

During our weekly live Office Hours on our YouTube Channel , we get lots of questions lots of questions around interview prep and how to answer questions in the interview.

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I’m about to fire an employee — and we just hired her husband

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: One of my staff is about to be fired for grossly inadequate performance. I’m confident that we’re on safe legal ground with the firing, and her performance issues have been documented and addressed with no improvement. However, the complication is that we have just hired her husband to work within the same team. (I’m I’m aware that hiring couples isn’t ideal even when nobody is getting fired.

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Trends You Must Know About If You Produce Anything

Water Cooler Wisdom

When you produce basically anything, strong  supply chain  management is imperative. When a supply chain works well, the customer experiences better product quality and distribution. When it doesn't, productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction plunge. Fortunately,  business innovation  in the supply chain management space has flourished over the last few years, mainly due to digital advances.

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I manage someone who’s upset that his employees don’t give him praise and validation

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m an executive. One of my direct reports (a manager) is frustrated that his team doesn’t acknowledge his input/skills/expertise. It’s as though he wants his team to give him positive feedback and validation. My feeling is that it’s very unlikely to happen. Even great managers wouldn’t hear their team say “thanks for the great job you do managing me.”. I provide consistent positive, specific feedback on his work. I really feel like I’m missing something.

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my parents are shocked that interviewers can see my social media, can I help my nice but incompetent boss, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My parents are shocked that interviewers can see my Twitter persona. I’m in my mid-20s and work in an industry that’s dominated by people about my age. At every job I’ve had, I’ve been encouraged by upper management to tweet about my work, and to maintain a robust and authentic presence on Twitter (and to a lesser extent other social media).

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