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Professional Advancement Tips for Young Career Professionals

Ms. Career Girl

Beginning your career can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. While most people develop an idea of the profession they’d like to pursue at an early age, once they’ve met the reality of the challenges in today’s job market, it’s easy to abandon the passions they once had.

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Borrowing Funds For Your First Business Venture

Career Alley

Starting Your Own Business If you are thinking about going down a new path when it comes to your career, then you are often going […]. Discover Career Opportunities

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Three Entrepreneurs Who Balance Family AND Success

Ms. Career Girl

Ever wonder what it takes to achieve that seemingly precarious balance of family and success? Sure, we all value and want both. But it takes continued dedication to get it right. We found three entrepreneurs who are doing it, and might just be the inspiration you need.

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“How Do I Stop Talking Myself Out Of Changing Career?”

Career Shifters

Rob left his creative dreams behind to concentrate on a stable career, but now he's stuck in a profession that doesn't feel like him. Whenever he thinks about leaving, it seems there's always another good excuse to stay put.

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Job Posting: Applicants that Include a Photograph Will Be Given First Consideration

Evil HR Lady

A Washington state aviation company posted a job listing for a Human Resources Manager. Mostly, the job listing is pretty normal, mentioning things like employee relations, policies and procedures, and tracking vacation time. But, if you scroll down to the bottom, you find this gem: “Those applicants that chose to include a photograph with their resume will be given first consideration for a personal interview.”

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The Best Way to Utilize a Recruitment Agency

The Undercover Recruiter

If you have never considered using a recruitment agency to help you find a job or even change careers then maybe you should. In March 2019 the unemployment rate in the UK hit a 44-year low.

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10 Questions To Measure Your Career Success By

Imarticus Learning

Everyone needs a reality check once in a while. Although there are obvious ways to detect if you are flourishing in your current job, there comes a time when it becomes difficult to understand what really is going on. You may love your job and are happy with the way it has shaped up over the years.

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How To Answer "Why Should We Hire You?"

Career Realism

Every time you interview, your main purpose is to convince the employer to hire you. The job search is a sales process. The hiring manager (your future boss) is the "customer," and you are both the sales rep and the product. Why should they choose you over all the other "products" out there?

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Employee to Entrepreneur: A big retirement transition

Boomers Next Step

In this new stage of your life you can make an exciting retirement transition from being what you’ve always been to creating an interesting, exciting and profitable new life as an entrepreneur. You can generate your own wealth, and the steps to achieve your goal are simple and easy to follow.

Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence In Education

Imarticus Learning

Do you know that AI is very present in all our lives and has pervaded almost every space? Not just the imaginary humans with chips portrayed by fiction writers and science fiction movie makers but just look around. .

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my coworker lied about her entire resume — should I tell anyone?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I work at a small (fewer than 10 employees) firm as a mid-level associate. A few weeks ago, a close friend, Josie — who doesn’t work with me but lives in my city — showed me a photo of a woman while we were out to lunch and asked if she worked in my office. I said yes, it was our new (five months into the job) account coordinator, Larisa.

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7 Factors To Consider While Switching Jobs

Imarticus Learning

Is quitting your job the first thing that comes to your mind as soon as you wake up? Is the month-on-month paycheck the only thing you look forward to?

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The Antonio Brown Conundrum: How Important Is It To Fit Into The Company Culture?

Career Realism

If you're a football fan, you're probably very familiar with the Antonio Brown situation. The Pro-Bowl wide receiver became a locker room problem for the Pittsburgh Steelers and was traded to the Oakland Raiders in the off-season.

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how do I get over being rejected for a job I’m perfect for?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I know there’s no point in taking it personally when you’re rejected for a job. And when I do get rejected, I can usually come up with a reason why I wasn’t a good fit, even if I’d been excited about it previously. For example, I was able to realize after the rejection that the interviewer sounded like they really wanted a particular skill that I don’t have. Another time I was pretty sure they had an internal candidate on the team who they wanted to promote.

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I don’t want to talk shop outside of work, a weird firing, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I don’t want to talk shop when I run into a coworker outside of work. I have a coworker who I am sharing a few really challenging, long-term projects with. They’re great to work with and we’re getting a lot done.

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