Mon.Jul 08, 2019

Four Tips to Disconnect on Vacation to Improve Your Mental Health

Ms. Career Girl

In today’s fast-paced society, the constant stress and anxiety of juggling demands in our personal and professional lives can take a toll on physical and psychological health. To maintain a mentally healthy work-life-balance, it’s crucial to take a break and disconnect on vacation.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Summer is when laziness finds respectability.” ” – Sam Keen. Boy, oh, boy. we can all sure use a break from work this year! In fact, this year we can all use a break from just about any serious thought or endeavor. Unfortunately, surveys show Americans are taking off less time from work than ever. Plain old simple relaxing seems a thing of the past, but it’s been proven to be a necessary ingredient for health and well-being, both physical and emotional.

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IKEA Poland Fires Man for Anti-LGBTQ Posts. Could You?

Evil HR Lady

What do you do if an employee objects to your Pride Month celebrations? And what if that person objects, in writing, on the company intranet? IKEA in Poland, had a case where an employee objected to an LGBTQ celebration and, according to IKEA: “The employee actually used quotes from the Old Testament about death and blood in the context of what fate should meet homosexuals. Many employees concerned by this entry contacted our HR department.”

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What Skills You Need to Become Mean Stack Developer

Imarticus Learning

Technological advancements and data analytics have literally taken over our world. Developers hence are seeing much demand.

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The Leader’s Guide to Team Productivity

The Undercover Recruiter

Imagine you have a team of skilled, talented, and educated professionals. Each team member has relevant training and experience, a good attitude, and a solid work ethic. They even get along with each other.

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Women’s Soccer: A Primer on Success in Equality Legislation

HR Capitalist

Congratulations to the USA Women’s National Soccer Team winning the World Cup. Fun to watch and amazing all at the same time. But there’s more! Let’s look at the impact of Title IX on Women’s Soccer in the United States. Not sure what Title IX is?

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my boss pees in a cup and dumps it in the kitchen sink

Ask A Manager

Warning: This is a really gross letter. A reader writes: What can we do with a boss who urinates in a cup in his office and then dumps it in the kitchen sink even when we (all women) are sitting there eating lunch? We are certain of what is in the cup because it smells, is yellow, and it sits right on his credenza in plain view. He’s even left it outside the office, forgetting to empty it. A few weeks ago I was washing my lunch dishes and he dumped it right on top of my stuff.

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I responded angrily to a rejection — can I get them to consider me again?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’ve applied twice to a long established small theater troupe on a farm. I followed the specific instructions to apply to this summer and last summer’s first session apprenticeship. Well, last year I was rejected and here starts the problem. It seems I must have missed the deadline because their response said they were full. When I read the rejection email, unfortunately I reacted defensively and aggressively.

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How Do I Get Agile Certification

Imarticus Learning

Today being Agile is the practice that businesses tend to follow to improve their efficiency and productivity. If you want to thrive in an Agile world then you must have practical knowledge of being Agile, work experience and certain foundations in the right kind of Agile concepts.

can I report my daughter’s affair to HR, exit interviews in tiny organizations, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Can I report my daughter’s workplace affair to HR? I am a supervisor in the security department at a hospital. My 27-year-old daughter, with two young daughters of her own, also works at the hospital in a different department. She has since entered into a relationship with a married gentleman who works directly under me. I have spoken to both of them about terminating this relationship because I feel it is improper.

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What Are Some Latest Web Development Trends

Imarticus Learning

Web development, AI devices, ML and data have impacted our daily lives. They have also been the reason for generating jobs and the demand for such jobs has outstripped the supply positions.

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office pranks shouldn’t end with the ER, vomit, or tears

Ask A Manager

I’m convinced that there are two types of people in most workplaces: those who find office pranks hilarious and those who think pranks have no place at work, ever. I say this because I receive a surprising number of letters about pranks at work, and they inevitably provoke a flood of outraged responses from anti-prank readers, followed by a wave of replies insisting those people are killjoys who don’t understand fun.

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Mean Stack Course For Begineers

Imarticus Learning

Javascript is reemerging as the most popular stack for instructional language in bootcamps and training platforms for coding skills. This has created great demand in startups scouring for Mean Stack developers. Ever wondered why?

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Would You Quit Your Job If You Won The Lottery?

Career Realism

Imagine if you woke up today and realized you never had to work again. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, for some people, this dream comes true. Winning the lottery is something all of us have dreamed about. You're not convinced that more money equals more problems.

What is the Best Way To Learn Web Development

Imarticus Learning

How does one learn web development is a question that most of us have asked ourselves one time or another. Because all searches we do are for websites on our smartphones and laptops.

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When Efficiency Strategies Backfire

Water Cooler Wisdom

Most business owners are after the holy grail of work efficiency. How can we do more with less? How can technology help us take a  clunky business process and streamline it ? How can  flexible scheduling  help our productivity instead of damaging it? These are valid questions, but in our enthusiastic pursuit of answers, we are sometimes overzealous in implementing strategies we think will lead to greater work efficiency. Let's explore a few!

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