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How To Make A Business Presentation Interesting

Ms. Career Girl

Every great business presentation has the same element: an entertaining, well-informed speaker. It’s the speaker that can make or break a presentation, regardless of the topic.

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Digital Marketing Is Not Just For Agency Life: Areas Where Digital Marketers Offer Value And Can Thrive


Working at a digital marketing agency can be a great experience for those looking to learn in a fast-paced environment. Agency life can start to tire a person out professionally though as every deadline seems to be make or break for a client.

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How To Build A Credit Scoring Model With The Machine Learning?

Imarticus Learning

Credit bureaus and lending institutions have embraced big data and machine learning to develop credit score models on the basis of which the creditworthiness of a borrower is judged.

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Tips to Stay Safe When You’re at Work


It’s important to keep yourself safe at work. Your employer has a responsibility to maintain a safe workplace, but you also need to protect yourself. There can be serious ramifications to workplace injuries, particularly when they’re serious enough for you to take time off work.

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Best Mid-life Career Change Tips

Boomers Next Step

Mid-life Career Change Tips Making a mid-life career change is a little tougher because of family and financial commitments. But, with the right amount of preparation, you can shift gears and do what you love.

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How To Build The Perfect Restaurant Website


Restaurants with a quality online presence generate more foot traffic than those without their own websites. For this reason, many restaurant owners are inquiring about building the latest restaurant websites with menu options, online ordering and social integrations.

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Prepare Your Organization for The 100 Year Life

The Undercover Recruiter

Today we’ll be talking with Emma Birchall, Director at Hot Spots Movement. It’s all about preparing your organization to attract and develop talent in a context where people have longer life expectancy than prior generations and technology has changed how we perceive work-life balance. Have a listen to the episode below, keep reading for a. View Article. Prepare Your Organization for The 100 Year Life Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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40. On Frustration for Robin

Career Tips Blog

Frustration seems like such an impotent emotion: you’re too spun up to continue effectively, and you’re too on edge to just rest and wait. Left unchecked frustration can lead to stupid mistakes and embarrassment. Even more, frustration left unchecked can lead you right to. Podcast

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7 Painless Tips To Writing A Good Cover Letter

Career Realism

Do you hate writing cover letters? Most people do. However, employers expect to see a cover letter with your resume. They read your letter and form impressions of you as a candidate based on what they read. A bad cover letter (or a lack of one at all) can cause you to lose the chance to interview.

is a really short interview a bad sign, cooking a roast at work, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Is a really short interview a bad sign? I’ve had short interviews before, and felt great about them, and have gotten offers from them. But I just had an interview for a job I REALLY want, and it was only five minutes long. I waited 30 minutes for it to even start! I don’t know how to feel about it. Are short interviews bad? Or did they just not have that many questions to ask?

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4 Goodbye Emails To Coworkers (With Examples) You Need To Use

When you’ve made the choice to transition out of the company you currently work for, sending a goodbye email to your colleagues is how you show professional courtesy. While it’s an optional task as part of your exit plan, it can ensure you come off extremely professional and kind-hearted. Let’s go ahead and dig into everything you need to know abo

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