Wed.Jul 17, 2019

The Truth About Who You Will Never Be

Ms. Career Girl

There’s something you need to know about who you are and who you will be. More importantly, there’s something you need to know about who you will never be. It might sting at first, but give me a minute and that will change. Actually, everything might change. I begin by saying….

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WORKPLACE ARTIFACTS: "Patient Zero" Drives Dress Norms at Your Company.

HR Capitalist

Ever notice that everyone in your company pretty much dresses the same? Me too. Note that you didn't hire with this criteria in mind. Before joining your company, your employees had a much greater degree of diversity in the way they dressed.

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Which Social Networks Work Best for Recruiting?

The Undercover Recruiter

Some social media channels are down to preference but when it comes to recruiting, there are a few which are better than others. There is so much choice and being on more doesn’t always mean it’s better. Although, some would argue that the more online presence you have, the better.

Seven Latest Developments In Fintech

Imarticus Learning

Fintech is everywhere in today’s world that aims at robust development from the way we make purchases to the way we borrow loans. Fintech is a short form of finance and technology clubbed together.

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how do I explain being fired for sharing confidential info with a friend?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: This is a two-parter: 1. How do I tell potential future employers why I got fired and have them still want to hire me? How do I explain to those potential future employers that the only reason I got fired was because I was ratted out by a coworker for a victimless mistake and was fired unfairly, without sounding defensive? Here’s the story: I worked for a large government agency, in communications.

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What Are The Cryptomining And Other Career Opportunities In The Blockchain Ecosystem?

Imarticus Learning

Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and crypto mining seem to be buzz words touted today by everyone and in every industry where financial transactions are made. Technologies like Quantum Computing, Virtual Reality, Neural Networks, data analytics, AI, Augmented Reality, driver-less vehicles, smartphones, cryptos and many more have digitized the modern world and have come to prominence over the last decade.

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what to say to an intern who’s chronically late

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I am currently managing an intern on my team. Interns at my organization are unpaid, which I do not agree with, but this does not seem to be changing any time soon. She has very poor timekeeping and is constantly late, often by a significant amount of time. The fact that the position is unpaid is influencing the way I am dealing with this, as I feel uncomfortable about being too stern as she is not being paid. How can I broach the subject?

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HELP! I Was Put On The Spot To Present & Was Unprepared

Career Realism

In this week's edition of Well, This Happened , the series that lets you become a career coach, we tackle a workplace dilemma from James. Do you think you know how to answer this AWKWARD situation? Let's find out. James writes.

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my boss and mentor runs hot and cold with me

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: The person who brought me to my current company is both my mentor and my supervisor. I met him in a networking capacity and developed a mentoring relationship with him long before the company was able to hire me, so we were somewhat close before we even started working together.

Why The U.S. NEEDS A Better Maternity Leave Policy

Career Realism

Deciding to become a mom is a huge milestone in a woman's life. However, something a lot of working women struggle with once they decide to become mothers is whether or not they will be offered paid maternity leave, and whether or not they should take it.

my boss read my Skype conversations, parental involvement with employees under 18, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss read my Skype conversations. My manager read all my Skype conversations between me and a friend at the company. For some context, I am in HR in my first job after college. I’ve been at my current company for a year now, and just received a promotion. Long story short, I made friends with a manager in a different department, who started IMing me fairly regularly. I made the (incredibly stupid) error of getting personal over Skype.

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Why Political Discussions Should Be Avoided At Work

Career Realism

Whether we like it or not, politics are part of everyday life. But they don't have to be part of work life. In fact, to keep your work life bearable, discussions about politics should be kept to a minimum or outright avoided.

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Applying To Multiple Jobs At The Same Company? Think Again!

Thinking about applying to multiple jobs at the same company? Before you do that, you should read this guide. It’s not always the best of ideas to apply to multiple positions at the same company and we’re going to dig into why. And then what you can do to increase your chances of employment. Let’s go ahead and jump right in. Is It A Goo

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Why The U.S. NEEDS A Better Maternity Leave Policy

Career Realism

Deciding to become a mom is a huge milestone in a woman's life. However, something a lot of working women struggle with once they decide to become mothers is whether or not they will be offered paid maternity leave, and whether or not they should take it.

15 Answers To "Do You Have Any Questions For Me?"

When the interviewer asks you, “Do you have any questions for me?” you might be thinking to yourself, we just had a 30-minute conversation, how is it possible that I more questions? But, not having a question to respond with will make you appear uninterested in the position and could make you appear as though you were not engaged in the conversation

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What Makes A Job Difficult To Succeed In?

Corn on the Job

There’s a lot of difficult jobs out there, in each and every sector of the working world. Even just sitting at a desk for most of the day, shooting off emails and swinging your legs, can take a toll on the human brain and body.

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All Successful Leaders MUST Have These 10 Characteristics

Career Realism

hen we are asked to think of a leader, someone who inspires us to do our best every day, a wide variety of different people come to mind. Maybe someone in your personal life, someone from a television show or movie, or a historical figure whose personality you greatly admire.

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