Thu.Jan 10, 2019

Job Hunting, College Prep, and Other Tips for Teens Seeking Scholarships

Ms. Career Girl

Most of us who are beyond college and into our careers know very well the financial challenges of getting an education. Soon, if not already, our own kids will be thinking about or beginning their own adventures in higher education.

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Why digging up your own mud is a winning career strategy

Cube Rules

If you were an awesome Cubicle Warrior, you would do something called “digging up your own mud.” ” A sexy term, right? What it means is that you want to coldly evaluate your own performance and determine in which areas you could improve.

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3 Ways to Help Your Personal Brand When Unemployed

Professional Resume Services

Things can be going great for you when all of a sudden your company goes through layoffs and you don’t make the cut. Sometimes the best situations can change instantly like this, which is why personal branding for senior level managers is so critical.

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Pros and Cons About Working Overseas

Career Alley

Is working abroad right for you? On this site, we have shown you it is possible to move abroad, but you should take a step back before getting on the plane. Discover Career Opportunities Relocation working overseas

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How Leaders Can Communicate Organizational Change

The Undercover Recruiter

The future of work as we know it is changing. We operate in a world with a tsunami of data and automation, artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing and robotics. These tools have become increasingly available to organizations.

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coworkers only ask me about ducks, adult facts in a work presentation, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. People only ask me about the ducks I work with. I’m in the lower-middle level of food service establishment with a couple hundred employees. Last year, I started a side project where I got us a small flock of ducks for fresh eggs and general merriment. Ever since, folks only ask me about the ducks.

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Understand the Difference: Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning

Imarticus Learning

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are now considered the greatest areas of innovation since the microchip. Almost all the tech giants like Facebook, Google, IBM and more have bet big on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and are using it in their products right now.

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How Can You Start Programming Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

Imarticus Learning

Machine learning has quickly become the buzzword of recent years. The rise of machine learning to one of the most sought-after fields is unparalleled, and it is easy to see that it is going to play a huge role in the future of the world.

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my coworker keeps emailing our bosses about typos

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: How would you suggest dealing with the guy who literally emails every single higher-up he can every time he catches anyone making a typo? My boss now has to go into meetings with the big boss to account for us making typos. Ironically, this dude is literally the worst at making typos in the entire office-about one out of every four things he sends us has incorrect information.

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Can You Integrate AIML with Android App?

Imarticus Learning

. Artificial Intelligence has quickly become one of the most important fields to humanity today. The subject of an increased amount of research, AI is currently one of the few fields which are soaring with no end in sight today.

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is “I get every job I interview for” really a bragging point?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I keep hearing over and over from people offering job search advice that they “have gotten every job they’ve ever interviewed for.” ” Is that really something worth bragging about? Does it change by industry/skills needed for the job? For context, a lot of people I’ve heard this from are either entry-level/early career, more administrative function, and once an HR rep.

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How Can You Start Learning Data Science and Become a Master In It

Imarticus Learning

Being a new and fast-growing field, Data Science is in desperate need of skilled individuals. With lucrative opportunities and pay scales, enterprises around the globe have been in search of skillful professionals to work for them.

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