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Ongoing Strategies Every Executive Job Seeker Needs to Consider

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What’s your strategy as an executive job seeker? There’s no right or wrong answer to the question, and sometimes it takes trial and error to truly figure out what the most effective strategy is for you. Even then, adjustments must be made along the way.

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Define your Expertise in 3 Simple Steps

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There are a lot of uniquely talented people out there who completely underestimate themselves! They have expertise that would be useful to many, but they don't really acknowledge it or seriously consider sharing it with others. Career Advice

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How to Become a Life Coach

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Over the course of 20 years or so, the coaching industry has evolved from a niche specialization to a mainstream career option, with over 50,000 coaches practicing worldwide.

After an Organizational Shift, You May Need to Change Your Company Culture

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You’ve worked hard to build a great company culture, but after a major restructuring, you might need to make changes to help the business move forward. After an organizational shift, it’s normal for employees to feel concerned and unsure of what will happen next. And while you may have had a great open culture , when employees are being laid off or your company merges with—or is bought out by—a different one, trust can be shaken.

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Gross Up – Key Words & Phrases

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What is the meaning of. Gross Up”? Everyone is legally permitted to try to avoid taxes – I did not say “evade” taxes – or to pay as little as permissible, in any legal way available to them. For employees, the most common opportunity to do so is when they incur work-related expenses that may require them to pay taxes on some of the reimbursement.

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5 Tips for Turning Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

The Undercover Recruiter

At this point, we all know about brand ambassadors, right? Or at least we’ve all heard about “influencers” on social media being paid to endorse a brand of…well, anything. What about employer brand ambassadors? This is a largely unused marketing opportunity just waiting to be tapped into.

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90 Percent of Workers Say They Need This 1 Thing to Be Loyal

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Employee loyalty is something every company longs for. It's estimated employee turnover costs as much as 130-200% of an employee's salary. When a talented, knowledgeable, trained employee leaves, it's bad for business. And, when lots of them leave, it can be the kiss of death.

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How do you balance Machine Learning theory and practice?

Imarticus Learning

Machine learning is no longer a technology from the future. The technology giants like Google, Facebook, Netflix, etc. have been using machine learning to improve their user experience for a very long time.

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giving extra time off to people who get married, how to end networking conversations, and more

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It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Giving extra time off to people who get married. My friend got married this weekend, and she mentioned to me that her office gives her an extra week of PTO to use in the year which she got married.

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Can you become a Data analyst by online tutorials?

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I feel guilty that I’m out of the office so much — and I’ve heard grumbling from my staff

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A reader writes: I am the director of a small, established nonprofit where I worked my way up the ranks. Since the organization is so small, I have day-to-day tasks along with more senior responsibilities such as board meetings, weekend and evening events, media relations, and external meetings with other nonprofits, civic associations, and partner organizations. As I grow, I am finding more demands on my time and skills.

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How is your company implementing blockchain technology?

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A blockchain is a public ledger which records and accounts for each and every bitcoin transaction that is made. Blockchain acts as an alternative to normal currency, centralized banking, and other transaction methods. It is changing the way we handle financial transactions.

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How Nike's Data & Analytics Experts Are Changing the Shoe Business

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When most people think of Nike, they think of shoes, retail stores, and, of course, athletes. That's all true, but there's more. Behind Nike's walls, you'll find the doers and thinkers who design, create, and innovate every day.

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my coworkers follow me into the bathroom with work questions

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A reader writes: I’ve worked IT help desk for seven years in this position, and ten years in total. Recently my company has converted to open space offices. This has changed the dynamic in my office, and now people want me to drop everything at any time to help them whenever they walk to my desk. I’ve been getting followed into the bathroom every single day since the move. Yesterday I got stopped every single trip. It isn’t just the bathroom.

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my coworker wants the company to pay for a week-long sex romp with his fired girlfriend

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A reader writes: I work in a nonprofit recovery organization and as the department admin, I schedule a lot of the staff for the conferences and travel and handle the receipts. My office is in a tense space right now. Several of our staff were fired last month due to a very big, very embarrassing, very avoidable HIPAA breach and one of the people fired was our assistant director’s girlfriend (yeah, he was openly dating a subordinate.). People took sides, management was split.