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5 LinkedIn Profile Personal Brand Building Essentials

Executive Career Brand

Let’s start with the understanding that if you’re job-hunting, you need to have a robust LinkedIn profile personal brand building strategy. This is especially true if you’re an executive job seeker.

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Allyship Among Women: From Sabotage to Support

Ms. Career Girl

Allyship and the Path to Solidarity. When we begin to define how we can show support for someone, the first word that may come to mind is allyship.

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The Importance of Staying Up to Date With Your Online Presence

Professional Resume Services

Many executives don’t appreciate the importance of having a positive online presence. And some don’t understand their online presence should always be kept up-to-date. If you’re actively looking for a job, you’re putting yourself in a big hole if recruiters can’t find you online.

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What Does It Take to Become an Online Educator?

Career Alley

Educating others comes with many advantages such as feeling great about your fulfilling work and being able to express your passion towards your craft or expertise. Discover Career Opportunities Education Careers Online Education

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“I'm Trapped And It's Crushing My Self-esteem. How Can I Rediscover My Career Confidence?”

Career Shifters

After graduating, Grace fell into what seemed like an exciting career. But years later, an energy-sapping work environment and a lack of future prospects have left her feeling completely demotivated.

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Would You Fire Starbucks Employees Who Ask People to Leave for Questionable Reasons?

HR Capitalist

If you're reading this while sitting in a Starbucks, be aware - you're sitting a location where bad things can happen. Starbucks - with its 30,000 locations and 300,000 employees - has become a lighting rod reflection of polarization in America.

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From Legal Secretary to Legal Executive

Career Shifters

“I was bored. There had to be a more rewarding career out there for me.”. Karen Hayward was stagnating in her role. Then, a colleague inspired her to aim higher. After juggling home, work and retraining, she proved to her firm that she was worth the risk and secured their support.

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How is The Ethereum Blockchain Different From The Bitcoin Blockchain?

Imarticus Learning

The Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains are superficially the same, in that, both cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology and are the most popularly known cryptos of the 20 th century. A bit of learning at any reputed institute for Fintech Training will be able to explain the differences in the blockchains. That’s what we will explore in the next few paragraphs.

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what to do if you were just laid off (or are about to be)

Ask A Manager

If you’ve been laid off from your job, of if you’re worried you’re going to be laid off, you might be feeling pretty helpless. It’s scary to be told your job is being eliminated and you’ll be out of work and have to scramble to find a new job.

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HR Jobs Are Changing- And So Are Their Salaries

The Undercover Recruiter

Over the past decade, HR has evolved immensely. Due to our increased reliance and integration of technology, all aspects of a business are changing, including HR. With this change has come a wave of new HR jobs, such as the Chief People Officer and the emergence of “People teams.” While people are becoming increasingly aware. View Article. HR Jobs Are Changing- And So Are Their Salaries Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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Should You Start With Big Data Training or Learn Data Analytics First?

Imarticus Learning

Should you start with big data training or learn data analytics? Which one should I start first? We live in a highly interconnected and dependent world of technology wherein the amount of technology we use is like a drop in the ocean.

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how far back should your resume go?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’ve been going through the resume topic on your site recently, and while you’ve discussed resume length , I didn’t see anything on how much time a resume should encompass. Generally, how far back should a resume go? As far back as will fit, or is there an amount of time hiring managers prefer to see? For me, I’m looking to change careers. Some of my older jobs were at organizations dedicated to issues that tend to inspire strong feelings one way or another.

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Why Should You Enroll in a Business Analyst Certification Program

Imarticus Learning

Businesses and the data they produce and require to thrive are growing, expanding fast and need efficient analysts to use the data for growing. Data has turned out to be the most valuable asset in any organization to help measure efficiency, success and production in all organizational tasks.

HELP! My Ex Keeps Stalking Me & It Could Cost Me My JOB

Career Realism

In this week's edition of Well,This Happened , the series that lets you become a career coach, we tackle a very uncomfortable workplace issue from Tara. Do you think you know how to handle this situation? Let's find out.

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What is Main Role of Business Analyst

Imarticus Learning

Business Analyst plays a crucial role from start to finish in the process of data analytics and extracting information from databases for the valuable data-driven insights into the business.

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can I ask my boss to check on me more regularly so I’ll get more done?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I have a lot of qualities that should serve me well in the workforce: excellent pattern recognition, creativity, a desire to help others. But I struggle massively with organization, discipline, and focus. (I I do have ADHD and am medicating for it.).

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Good Ways to Learn Data Science Algorithms, if Not From IT background?

Imarticus Learning

At the beginning of your career in data sciences, algorithms are hugely over-rated. Every routine task, every subroutine, every strategy or method you do or write is because of an effective algorithm. In essence, all programs are formed of algorithms and you implement them with every line of code you write! Even in real life, you are executing tasks by algorithms formulated in your brain and just remember that all algorithms are simulations of how the human brain works.

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ridiculous work travel itineraries, our branded clothing doesn’t fit everyone, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My business travel is full of exhausting layovers and cost-cutting. I’m writing to you exhausted after my most recent bout of work travel. I’m a 27-year-old woman working at a smallish (15 people) company. I’ve been here just over two years and have worked my way up to the head of my small team. I live in Big City A and travel to Big City B every two or so months for meetings. Direct, the journey would be an 11-hour flight.

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