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Career, Mother, and Wife? Can You Have it All?

Ms. Career Girl

I was 34 years old, a lucky chief cook and bottle washer, chauffeur, social planner, wife and mother with a loving husband who paid the bills for our happy family of four in west L.A. My diploma from UCLA had been filed away long ago, along with my old teaching credential.

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RSU’s: Restricted Stock Units – 8 Essential Insights

Sklover Working Wisdom

“The large print giveth and the small print taketh away.”. – Tom Waits. ACTUAL CASE HISTORIES : Marta had just received a graduate degree as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer, and was recruited by several large employers.

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The art of the side hustle – 5 ways you could be making more money from home


Whether you love or loathe your current job, I’ll bet that you wish it paid you more money. In fact, I think most of us wish we all had a little extra disposable income each month. When did the cost of living get so high? And why don’t our wages reflect that?

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Jobs on Facebook: Our Year in Review

The Undercover Recruiter

When Facebook decided to create a jobs marketplace about 18 months ago, they scored another home run. Recruiting through social media is one of the most important and transformative trends in the past decade for this industry.

Google Forced to Post Employee Rights (Your Employee Should Have the Same Rights)

Evil HR Lady

As an employee, you have rights. You may not be aware of all these rights , but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And now, if you’re a Google employee, you have more rights than the average employee. In a settlement with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Google agreed to post a list of rights that employees have.

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5 Tips on How to Answer Video Interview Questions

Boomers Next Step

Are you getting ready for a video interview? When you’re looking for a job, sometimes you might find yourself interviewing in some ways that you couldn’t have anticipated 20 years ago.

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7 Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Career Realism

Are you in the process of searching for a new job but can't seem to get the callbacks you want? You could be making some big job search mistakes. Don't worry, though! We can help you identify what you're doing wrong in your job search, and how to fix it.

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How A Blockchain can boost HR hiring in the Gig economy?

Imarticus Learning

If you are not very familiar with the functioning of the blockchain technology then you’re in for a treat.

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I’m being physically bullied at work, coworker leaves bathroom in chaos, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I’m being physically bullied at work. I’ve worked in the same office for about five years now. The department I work in seems to be run by a large clique of tight-knit friends (we’re all women), who are also close with management (they all hang out together outside of the office). Those of us who weren’t accepted into the clique are often treated as if we don’t exist, but most days are tolerable.

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4 Steps To Increase Cyber Resilience In Wealth Management?

Imarticus Learning

No amount of wealth management training is sufficient to protect a person’s assets from the dangers of phishing attacks and other malware. The best strategies against cyber attacks are by being vigilant and strengthening the foundations of security.

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Does Your Business Stand Out? Become A Work It Daily Warrior!

Career Realism

This is your time to shine! Work It Daily is launching the Warrior Badge Program to highlight companies and businesses that work hard and always go the extra mile to ensure success and employee happiness. Interested? What Is The Warrior Badge Program?

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5 ways AI is Utilized in Advancing Cancer Research

Imarticus Learning

When it comes to the health of a person, life and death become a matter of problem. Health care centers and medical professionals all over the world are now leveraging the power of AI, to research a plethora of ailments. One such case is cancer research.

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Top 13 Advantages of Online Learning

Corn on the Job

In the past, the only way people could learn was through attending classes in person with uncomfortable desks, blackboards and too many students for the teacher or lecturer to give their full attention to.

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how to say “it’s not okay” at work

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: Is there a professionally acceptable way to push back when someone apologizes for causing problems at work? For example, this morning, my coworker slept through a meeting we had scheduled. Since I’m on the west coast (we’re a remote team) this meeting required me to wake up at 5 am. She messaged me two hours later saying, “Whoops, I totally spaced on this meeting. Sorry!” My normal response would be to say something like, “It’s okay!

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How to Start a Career as a Chef

Corn on the Job

If you have a genuine love for food, and for creating high quality meals for people, a career as a chef may be a good fit for you. However, you need to be prepared for hard work and long hours so it’s not an easy way to earn money.

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I’m my boss’s favorite — and it sucks

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’ve had my current position at a small nonprofit for about nine months. My coworker, Liz, and I have the same boss, but she has a slightly higher-level position than me and has reported to our boss a few years more than I have. Neither of us like our boss very much, but our relationships with him are very different. With Liz and our boss, the feelings are mutual: they don’t get along, and most people in the office are aware of it.

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