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What’s an Externship?

Career Alley

In the simplest terms, an externship is a chance for a student to gain practical skills in their field by working for an organization for a short time, usually a few days up to a week. Land your First Job Externship Internships

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How to answer the weakness interview question

Cube Rules

“What’s your greatest weakness?” is a common interview question that doesn’t need to trip you up. While some recruiters have stopped using it after receiving too many canned answers, many others still include it in their repertoire. So what's a candidate to do?Plan

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Learn From this Bad Leadership Example

Ms. Career Girl

Bad Leadership in Action. Not long ago, I witnessed some abysmal leadership. In just 10 minutes, a leader lost his team’s respect and destroyed their motivation. An outside team had just finished an intense 5-week assessment of departmental procedures.

5 tips for talking to a CEO

Cube Rules

There are lots of articles about how to talk to people in higher levels of management. Most of them start with the wrong premise. For example, many writers consider an opportunity to speak to upper management more on the level of meeting royalty.

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Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“It is not the whistle that moves the train.” ” – D.V. Rangarajan. Making things happen at work. real and significant things. takes more than raising one’s voice, spouting one’s value, claiming questionable credit, or being in some vaunted position.

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From Law to Pilates

Career Shifters

“I didn't enjoy document-driven work or working in an office.”. Emma Burnett's industry was stressful. Longing to get back to a childhood passion, and determined not to risk her financial security, she undertook a punishing retraining schedule to break into a completely new field.

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Why it’s nearly impossible to pick your business software

Evil HR Lady

Being an HR influencer, my email box is full of companies pitching their products and, frankly, most are not creative or helpful. But, they’ve somehow got backing and some customers. How do you weed through everything to find what your business needs? The first thing is asking the right questions. Here are some to begin with: What problem are you trying to solve? Well, you say, I need an HRIS. Excellent. Because you have employees?

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McDonald’s Just Fired Their CEO for Consensual Sex

Evil HR Lady

McDonald’s fired its president and CEO, Steve Easterbrook. CEOs come and go, but this one is leaving for consensual sex with an employee. Please note, no one is claiming sexual harassment or coercion. They are reporting a consensual affair, so why the termination? Because, as Easterbrook said in an email to employees, “ This was a mistake. Given the values of the company, I agree with the board that it is time for me to move on.” ” I agree. Here’s why.

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The 4 Rules of Office/Company Romance If You're a Manager of People (McDonalds CEO Version).

HR Capitalist

Quick story from the Capitalist. It's early in my career, and there I am one night - trying to outwork what I don't know as a young professional. I'm in the office about 930pm (no one else there, humblebrag), doing work for a VP level partner who had took me under his wing.

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Productive Use of HR data

The Undercover Recruiter

Productivity growth since the late-2000s recession has been relatively weak and evidence supports the suggestion that SMEs have seen a bigger hit to productivity than larger firms; however, the UK stands out as one of the worst productivity performers among its peers, persistently ranked toward the bottom of a sample of advanced economies.

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How Do You Build a Career in Finance?

Imarticus Learning

Finance is one of the most lucrative fields for career progression. The industry is very dynamic, to say the least, impacted by market fluctuations it constantly continues to evolve on an exponential scale.

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3 Must-Dos When You Don’t Get The Job

Career Realism

You polished your resume and sent it to the right person, along with a stellar cover letter. You got a call. You aced the interview. You were brought back in—twice! You sent thank you notes after each interview, to each interviewer. Your follow-up was polite and appropriate.

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our CEO calls employees’ babies “future employees” and gives us no paid parental leave

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I work for a contracting company that places workers in other company’s offices all over the place. I’ve never met anyone from corporate HQ, just my regional managers, but I do get emails from our CEO. A lot of emails. Every single day. In the middle of misspelled and grammatically incorrect messages about hitting sales goals or wishing us a happy holiday, he’ll drop in some incredibly personal details about his life.

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Life After LinkedIn: The Rise Of Micronets For Your Career

Career Realism

In a previous article, we gave you a detailed explanation about how LinkedIn has changed since it was built and why it is no longer a social network. Some people get to use it successfully as a social network, but overall it is now a social marketplace. Do you still need to be on it?

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Should You Get A Sociology Major? Pros & Cons From A Recruiter

Are you deciding if you should get a sociology major? Not sure what jobs you might be able to get once you complete your four-year degree? We have you covered. We’re going to dive into what it means to get a sociology degree and what types of jobs you might be able to get once you’re out of college. Let’s get started. What Is A Sociolog

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the cc line is the most passive-aggressive email field

Ask A Manager

If you’ve ever opened an email at work and found a colleague has inexplicably cc’d your boss on a message to you about a minor concern, you likely know the irritation this tiny electronic bomb can cause: Does your coworker not trust you to resolve the issue without your boss’s scrutiny? Is the presence of your boss in the cc field intended to imply you’ve been negligent on the matter in the past?

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How To Introduce Yourself In An Email & Not Go To SPAM

Introducing yourself in an email is an art form and a science. In today's modern age, people receive hundreds and thousands of emails each week. When you want to introduce yourself, you’ll need to learn how to get your email to stand out, convey your professional intent, and get the conversation going. Before we discuss how to introduce yourself

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I was fired because of a tarot card reading, how do I learn business jargon, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I was fired because of a tarot card reading. I worked for a company for many years, always receiving excellent reviews and having strong relationships with my coworkers. I *loved* my job. Last year, I went through a series of personal tragedies in a very short period of time. I sunk into a deep depression and my performance suffered.

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my boss drops his sick kid off in our small office

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I work for a very small company (five employees plus our boss, who is the company owner). We all work in one room, and the boss’s house is on the property. Our boss “Joe” is, in general, a kind, understanding person. He can occasionally be volatile, but we are paid pretty well, have generous time off/work from home policies, and pretty good health insurance, so no one really complains too much.

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where are you now? (a call for updates)

Ask A Manager

At the end of each year, I publish a slew of “where are they now” updates from people whose questions I answered here in the past. In past years we’ve had several hundred each December and it was amazing (and has let me take most of the month off, so thank you). If you’ve had your question answered here in the past, please email me an update and let us know how your situation turned out. Did you take the advice? Did you not take the advice? What happened?

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