Wed.Jul 29, 2020

How to Thrive in Times of Change

Ms. Career Girl

Dealing with change can be difficult. After all, humans are creatures of habit. We’ve spent years perfecting our routines and situational responses, basing them on experience and empirical evidence. When we’re in our comfort zones, we know exactly how to act and what to expect.

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What to Do If Employees Refuse to Wear a Mask

Evil HR Lady

“I want to come back to work, but I won’t wear a mask.” ” Some of you may have heard this from your employees. Your gut reaction may be, “well, then, you’re fired,” but you can’t do that immediately.

2020 191

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Career Expectations: Comparison Is The Thief of Joy (And Doesn't Matter if You're Good)

The HR Capitalist

Last week I put up a post talking about the fact there's nothing wrong with young talent doing a call center role for a good company early in their career , but I talked a bit in that post that good to great talent wouldn't be in that role for 3+ years - they'd promote within the call center or elsewhere in the company. . Good talent goes up.

2020 109

Create a Sense of Belonging Within Your Organization

The Undercover Recruiter

Belonging is a feeling. None of us wants to participate in communities where we don’t feel good, welcome, or appreciated. We certainly won’t invest our full effort unless—and until—we’re vested in this manner. Of course, what makes us feel welcomed differs from person to person.

2020 90

Boosting Your Confidence After a Long Job Search

Corn on the Job

Unemployment is reaching all new highs as the pandemic rages on. Businesses from small independent stores to multinational chains are being forced to close their doors, and staff in many different sectors are being made redundant.

2020 83

The art of the Covid career: string together thoughts while you homeschool

Penelope Trunk

I am in between one son practicing his cello and one son writing his college essays. After ten years of homeschooling while being the breadwinner, my parent intuition tells me one kid is only going through the motions. On a good day I could say, “What are you doing?”.

2020 80

Hiring the perfect candidate – things to avoid

Corn on the Job

Hiring the perfect candidate should be easy. First, you advertise the role. Second, you carry out a series of interviews and choose the person who is most suited to the role. You can spend the rest of the day with your feet up. Simple. . Except, it rarely works out that way. Here’s how it works in the real world. First, you advertise the role. Next, 96 people who have no experience in the field apply for the role and you are left wondering what on earth you wrote in your ad.

2020 43

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companies that ask people to answer mini-essays before submitting resumes

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: In previous posts you have written that employers generally shouldn’t require applicants to do work (assessments, tests, what have you) at the very outset of the hiring process because that’s asking folks to dedicate time/effort when the majority of them won’t even get an interview.

2020 34

playing “never have I ever” at work, child care stipends for employees, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Playing “never have I ever” at work. Like many offices, my team has been hosting regular happy hours and social events in the afternoon on Zoom. Our boss supports this and usually we have a great time!

updates: Joseph Stalin, sleeping during car rides, and more

Ask a Manager

Here are three updates from people who had their letters answered here in the past. My manager named Joseph Stalin employee of the month. I followed your advice, and mentioned without going higher than her that I thought the email was insensitive, and that I’d prefer to be excluded from similar emails should they be sent in the future. She didn’t react great, stating that this was a joke about the working conditions. I left it at this point, as felt I’d said my piece.

2020 30