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How to Finally Choose Your Life with 3 Simple Questions

Ms. Career Girl

Have you come to a point where you know something has to change in your life? You don’t know what exactly it is, but it has to change, now. Perhaps you no longer like, or maybe have never liked, what you are doing, and it is high time to remedy this situation.

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How To Connect With Inspiring People (Even When You Don't Feel Ready)

Career Shifters

Is the idea of networking intimidating? Natasha shares her simple approach to take the pressure off connecting with inspiring people and make them want to help you, no matter what stage of your shift you're at

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3 High Paying Nursing Jobs and Concentrations


Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers in the world , both professionally and financially. Some of the highest-paid professionals in America are nurses, and their roles are invaluable. Furthermore, demand in some sectors is so high that it’s putting inflationary pressure on salaries.

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The Dangers of Desktop Dining

The Undercover Recruiter

Are you one of those employees who eats lunch at your desk each day? If so, why? Is it because you’re too busy to go out? Or do you just want others to think you are? Maybe you’re afraid you won’t be able to stay competitive with those coworkers who use the extra hour to. View Article.

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New Research Show Income Gaps Are (at least partly) Due to Working More Than 40 Hours Per Week.

HR Capitalist

Hat tip to my homeboy Tim Sackett on the research cite below. Sacks must have crazy email subscriptions and Google alerts to mine this gold. Cut and paste from Marginal Revolution appears below. That is a new paper by J. Rodrigo Fuentes and Edward E.

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3 Ways You?re Self-Sabotaging Your Own Success

Career Realism

Finding a job in today?s s digital era can feel like you?re re traveling through a black hole. re sucked into this career space that?s s twisted and turbulent. Your self-esteem and intrinsic value is being killed as you sit back and go through the motions.

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how can I fix my boss’s obsessive focus on face time over results?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m a fairly new manager — a woman in my 20s. I manage a team of six other young people in a largely older, more “old school” organization. I was promoted from within after about five years here. I’m really struggling because my boss, the organization’s executive director, values face time over results. I don’t, and I’m clashing with my boss over it.

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my coworker hates me

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I started at a new position a few months ago, and mostly it’s going really well! I like the people, the work, and the hours. I have a good relationship with all of my other coworkers and superiors. I’ve received great feedback, and I have several years of experience in my field. I enjoy my job immensely, except for my coworker Nora. Nora has been with the company a little under a year.

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What's Temp To Hire? How Does It Work? Full Guide (+Tips)


When you see a job listing online that says temp-to-hire, what does that mean? How does it work? What should you know about the job opportunity? Everything you need to know about temp-to-hire positions is going to be found in this guide. Ready? Let’s get started. Table Of Contents [link

new manager wants to step down, coworker washes dishes without soap, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. The employee I just promoted to manager wants to step down. I promoted one of my employees to manage her department after I moved up to a divisional role about 10 weeks ago. (I’m I’m still her direct supervisor.) This is her first management job and she has done an amazing job in her new role — implementing much-needed changes and efficiencies while gaining the respect of her entire team.

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How To Get Someone Fired: 5 Steps To Termination


Do you want to get someone terminated? Is there an issue in the workplace that you can’t seem to overcome? If you really want to engage in the process of trying to get someone terminated, keep reading. Having a bad coworker in the work environment can be detrimental to progress. Especially during times of stress on the business. You don

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how excited should I seem in an interview?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes; I have had the opportunity to interview for my dream job with a nonprofit organization that I have always loved and admired. I am a highly qualified candidate for the position. This is the kind of job where if I was independently wealthy, I would do this work as a volunteer for free! As a typically enthusiastic person, I’m wondering what level of excitement is acceptable to display in my interview?

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How Often Should You Get A Raise? Or Ask For One? Answer Here


How often should you get a raise? Are you feeling like you’ve been working hard for a while and no one has spoken with you about when you might expect your next raise? This is a common issue. And one that Human Resource departments usually solve. But at the same time, might not be able to solve depending on the financial status of the business.<

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Answering “What Relevant Experience Do You Have For The Position”


When an interviewer asks you what relevant experience you have for the position, they’re looking for you to comprehend what it takes to do the job well and how your prior experience matches up. Let’s cover exactly what it means to answer this interview question. Table Of Contents [link

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