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Can You Turn Your Traditional Craft Skills Into A Lucrative Modern-Day Business

Career Alley

Selling crafts that you enjoy making is a satisfying way to make money, as long as you are creating products that people want to buy. […]. Discover Career Opportunities Crafts

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Awesome New Tool for Resume Keywords

Avid Careerist

Job seekers often ask me, “How do I identify resume keywords?” ” Until recently, that was a tough question for me to answer with an explanation that made sense. While I. Read More. The post Awesome New Tool for Resume Keywords appeared first on AvidCareerist.

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Customizing Your EVP to The Candidate Journey

The Undercover Recruiter

I’d be very surprised if you had never used a 3M product at some point in your life. It’s probably best known for its tapes and adhesives, and possibly the trusted post-it note.

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Career Advice: 10 Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

Career Advice Guy

There are always situations when you’ll have to take the first job offer even if you know it’s not the right job for you. Usually, this is because you've been out of work for a long time.

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6 Part-Time Jobs To Give Your Retirement Added Purpose and Income

Boomers Next Step

When you’re looking for a part-time job in retirement, you want something that will boost your income. However, you also need a position that will help boost other areas of your life at the same time. So, where should retirees look for post-retirement employment?

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new employee wants me to give him money, I wet myself during a board meeting, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. New employee is hinting he wants me to give him money. A new project manager started work on Thursday. On Friday, he spent most of the day telling me about his desperate financial situation and how he had exhausted all of his resources. He said he wouldn’t get paid until the next week and didn’t have enough money for gas to get to work the next week. He said his family was living on groceries donated by a neighbor who moved.

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