Wed.Mar 13, 2019

Four Ways You Are Apologizing Wrong

Ms. Career Girl

Apologies are something we love to receive and hate to give. And especially as a leader, they are tough. They require a great deal of humility, which challenge your pride and ego. They are an open admission of failure and wrongdoing, but when delivered with sincerity, they hold power with your team.

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The Best Companies to Work for

Career Alley

If you've got to work (and most of us do), why not work for one of the best companies? Discover Career Opportunities Best Companies

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What if a High Performing Executive is Also a Bully?

Evil HR Lady

One of my employees, Katie, recently approached me with complaints about her manager, Holly. Katie told me Holly is abrasive, curses at employees in public and has gone through five administrative staff members in the past seven months because she’s intimidating and disrespectful to her team. Holly is also a high revenue manager, so my boss is asking me to look the other way and ask Katie to resign if she is unhappy. I feel that if I do this I would be breaching my moral compass.

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our new manager is pressuring the women on our team to use menstrual cups

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: This question is on behalf of a friend who works at a small 30-person property management company (we both live in the UK if that makes a difference). My friend has recently got a new manager to head the 10-person team she is a part of, and in which she is in the middle seniority-wise.

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The Various Differences Between Marketing & Branding

Corn on the Job

Marketing and branding experts can both agree that branding involves a lot of creative decision-making. The process of coming up with a brand is just like coming up with a marketing campaign.

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Attracting International Talent in the Wake of BREXIT: 5 Actions to Start Right Now

The Undercover Recruiter

With the UK’s withdrawal from the EU (probably) fast approaching and predictions of an endemic skills shortage in the medium-term, it is clear that BREXIT will have serious implications for UK employers.

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Nobody Loves Me

Personal Excellence Blog

(Image: Greyerbaby ). Have you ever felt this way before? That nobody loves you? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve felt that nobody loves me before, and in fact would feel this way during many of my down moments in the past until I learned to break out of it.

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my boorish coworker dominates all our Slack channels

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I work for a small-ish fully remote tech company. We spend all day in Slack, in various channels that are both work-centric and social-centric. There is a man, “Derek,” who annoys the hell out of me in social channels. Derek does everything from innocuous poor chat room social etiquette (e.g.,

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I was promised a perk but discouraged from using it, my director plays with my hair, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I was promised summer hours — but it’s frowned upon to use them. Last year, I was recruited by a manager I’d worked for in a previous company into a new role with my current company. Things are going great, and I’m really happy here. When I accepted the offer, the company agreed to give me slightly more vacation time than is usually offered to new hires, but I still ended up losing about one week per year.

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help — I work for a micromanager!

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’ve been at my current job for about 6 months. I absolutely love it here. One of the reasons I came to work here it because my boss is one of the most respected names in my field of work. However, I’m only the second person he’s ever directly managed and it shows. I can go days without him even stopping by my desk, allowing me to work at my own pace and manage my own workload.

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