Sat.Jul 20, 2019

How Citibank’s New Policy Almost Ruined My Vacation

Evil HR Lady

I’ve had a Citibank credit card for almost 20 years but Citibank canceled it on Thursday. I have a monthly storage shed payment that hits the card, but otherwise, I rarely use it. But, I pay it off every month and am generally a low maintenance kind of a person. (I I realize, paying it off every month and not using it a ton means I’m not a hugely profitable customer, but I was loyal.). I’m also an American citizen who lives in Switzerland.

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How to Help Your Employees Recover From Their Mistakes

The Undercover Recruiter

So your clumsy employee made another mistake. What’s it going to be? A telling-off? Sarcastic jokes at their expense? Or just a stern lesson on how to do things properly? As it turns out, the most valuable way to respond to employee mistakes may be to help them learn to forgive themselves.

2019 114

The reason there’s no #Metoo for domestic violence

Penelope Trunk

The #Metoo movement has focused on workplace harassment, and I keep thinking: when will #Metoo include domestic violence? I try to imagine what it will it look like so I can help make it come faster. Workplace law only recently caught up with women’s experience.

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