Sat.Jul 13, 2019

The UK Workforce as 100 People

The Undercover Recruiter

Bringing benefits such as increased creativity, positive brand image, and a stronger connection with international markets, you would think diversity would be a priority to business owners. However, recent research has revealed that this isn’t the case for all companies.

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10 Best Electrical Engineering Interview Questions & Answers

If you’re preparing for an interview in the electrical engineering field, you’re likely wondering what kind of questions may pop up during the interview itself. These electrical engineering interview questions and answers will help you get prepared for your upcoming interview in the engineering field. Hiring managers will quickly dip into the more

How To Quit A Job You Just Started: Full Guide, Examples

Are you thinking about quitting your job after you just started? This is a hard time. But it’s solvable. First, don’t worry, this happens to everyone at least once in their career. Second, let’s figure out how we’re going to resolve the problem and move forward. Quitting your job after only a few days of employment is never going to be easy. But i

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