Mon.Mar 11, 2019

9 Tips for Introverts in the Workplace

Ms. Career Girl

Let’s face it: In the workplace, fortune often favors the extroverts. The more extroverted among us are more easily noticed, and they are also more likely to take on managerial roles—and the better money that comes with them.

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How to Manage Your Team Effectively

Career Alley

Managing a team effectively is no easy task, but with the right mindset and motivation, you can do it like many other team leaders out there. Discover Career Opportunities Manage Employees

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Be Careful When you Choose your High-Potential Employees

Evil HR Lady

When devoting resources to high-potential employees, it’s important to consider more than just their pedigree and ambition. When trying to determine who their high-potential employees are, many businesses look for MBA graduates and those who are rising quickly through the ranks. These people can be fantastic for your organization.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn.” ” – Unknown Author. This time of year – especially in colder zones – we all start to get a bit buggy, impatient waiting any longer for the coming of the spring, bearing its special gifts of warmth, birdsongs and wild flowers. Have faith that this year, like every year before it, spring and its glories are eagerly on their way. At work, consider the spring’s arrival as a metaphor for “better days ahead.”

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Why Will Some Job Hunters be Hungry for Zero Hours Contracts in 2019?

The Undercover Recruiter

Zero hours contracts have quite rightly attracted a lot of criticism, for the extent to which they’ve been abused by businesses to the detriment of employees’ rights. But might jobseekers actually start to demand them in 2019?

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the overtime pay law may finally change

Ask A Manager

Back in 2016, the federal government announced it was making major changes to who is eligible for overtime pay. Currently, if you earn less than $23,660, you must receive overtime pay (time and a half) for any hours over 40 that you work in a week. In 2016, the Department of Labor announced it was raising that threshold to $ 47,476, which was going to make an additional 4.2 million American workers eligible for overtime.

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my boss has strict kitchen rules, how to escape an exit interview, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss has strict rules about the office kitchen. I am curious about proper break room etiquette. We an office of about 11 people and a break room with no seating.

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my employee interrupts me with unnecessary questions and updates

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I am a fairly new accounting supervisor. Most days, I am completely overwhelmed with projects, data requests, and constant deadlines looming overhead. I am trying to work more efficiently by delegating more projects and workload, but I have one employee who comes into my office several times daily to offer “updates” on the progress she’s making with things I’ve delegated to her.

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