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The Problems Executive Job Seekers Should Know About Job Boards

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Executives who spend several hours a day searching job boards for the right position are likely just spinning their wheels. With the thousands of jobs and applicants that apply for those jobs, your chances of being recognized are slim.

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LinkedIn Updates: A Time-Saving Personal Branding and Networking Tool

Executive Career Brand

Posting LinkedIn Updates Is an Easy, Fast Way to Stay Proactive on LinkedIn When I’m speaking with executive job seekers about the importance of using LinkedIn, one of their biggest concerns is finding the time. Most of them are employed, while job hunting under cover.

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Are You One of The #MissingTypes ?

Ms. Career Girl

Most everyone has been invited to participate in a blood drive. Are you one of the only three percent of Americans who donate? Or are you one of the 97% who don’t? There’s a constant struggle to keep adequate supplies of blood on hand. But just who needs those blood donations?

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From Surveyor to Entrepreneur

Career Shifters

“I wanted to do something that allowed me to excel at being 'me'.”. Barry Freeder had always felt like he was in the wrong profession. A timely redundancy gave him the push he needed to start up on his own and make his design ambitions a reality. Here's how he did it

5 Public Speaking Myths You Need To Break

Ms. Career Girl

Does public speaking need to fill us with dread? Are there some commonly held belief systems that hold us back from sharing our perceptions, ideas, and making an impact? You betcha! Here are five really unhelpful myths that need to hit the road- now!

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Why a video job interview is more difficult than a face to face interview

Cube Rules

One of the reasons video job interviews are compelling is because you can see each other on the screen even though you aren’t in the same room. After all, a video interview is just like a face to face interview, right? Ummmm.not really. There are significant differences.

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Harvard Gives 5 Ways to Be Family-Friendly (and None of Them Involve Maternity/Paternity Leave)

Evil HR Lady

Maternity leave and paternity leave are great. Sometimes it’s required, if your employee qualifies for FMLA, and sometimes it’s something your company does to help retain great employees. Offering support for nursing mothers is also great. Daycare subsidies or onsite daycare is also a huge perk. But what about parents (usually mothers, but more and more fathers) who return to the workforce?

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10 Myths About Career Transitions That Stifle Your Professional Growth

Imarticus Learning

Ever wondered what keeps you stuck in the job you are at, and avoiding transitioning your career? Some myths are just easy to relate to and accept. Like, it’s not my mistake. So, what can I do? Take a Big-Leap and don’t worry about small steps; Reason, plan and act and many more. That’s exactly why we need to debunk them and get cracking. Here are the most widely heard excuses we hide behind.

Why You Should Embrace Networking (Especially If You Hate It)

Career Realism

After a long day at work, sometimes all you want to do is sit on the couch, eat a bag of chips, and zone out watching television. The thought of attending a networking event seems so daunting. Not only do you have to give up free time, but you also may have to talk with strangers.

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our HR director might be a pathological liar

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’d really appreciate your advice and guidance with a big secret I’ve had to keep at work. I’m an assistant-level employee in a small, California-based publishing company. We have about 30 employees and our HR director, “Jane,” does double duty as the HR and finance director. As such, she manages all personnel issues as well as manages our budget, expenses, and accounting department.

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What's Your Workplace Interaction Style?

Career Realism

Have you ever wondered about how you communicate with others? How you interact with others plays a major role in both your career and life in general. It can be hard to categorize yourself.

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salary transparency, office temperature wars, and asking for more vacation time

Ask A Manager

I was on Marketplace Morning report last week talking about salary transparency — why we should talk more openly about what we earn and why employers should be more transparent. It’s about five minutes long and you can listen here: Also!

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HELP! I Couldn't Answer "Explain This Gap In Your Work History!"

Career Realism

In this week's episode of "Well This Happened", we want to know what you would do if you were asked to explain the gap in your work history. How would you address this during an interview? We want YOU to be the career coach and tell us which one is the RIGHT answer! Think you know?

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15+ Best RA (Resident Advisor) Interview Questions & Answers


If you're looking for RA (or Resident Advisor) interview questions and answers to help you with your upcoming interview, look no further. We've compiled the absolute best RA interview questions to help you get prepared and ace your interview session. What Is An RA? The role of an RA (Resident Advisor) is to look over the resident life

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Who Would You Rather Work With? "Killing Eve" Edition

Career Realism

The award-winning spy thriller, Killing Eve , deals with a lot more than assassinations and MI5 intelligence. Some of the most entertaining aspects of the show include how the characters react and relate to one another.

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15+ Best Java 8 Interview Questions & Answers


If you are looking for Java 8 interview questions and answers, look no further. We've compiled the absolute best Java 8 interview questions to help you with your upcoming interview. Preparation is key when it comes to technical interviews. You will be asked questions as it pertains to your knowledge of specific programming languages. Below are some of the b

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using a heating pad for cramps at work, secretly recording a bad boss, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Can I use a heating pad for cramps at work? I am the only woman working full-time at a small company (we have one other woman on staff who, after a successful internship, was hired part-time). For what it’s worth, my boss is very conservative and not always very respectful of women. My coworkers are much more understanding, although since I’m the first full-time female employee, I think there’s been some “getting used to.”

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5 Answers to “What Is Your Work Style?”


When an interviewer asks you what your work style is, you might be a little thrown off. What is your work style?” It seems like an arbitrary question and one that can be difficult to answer. Considering you might not be sitting around all day thinking about how you’d describe what your style is. We’ve got the best guide to help you answer this question in

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how can you determine how old a job posting is?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: How can you determine how old an online job posting is? I feel like this is so muddled if the job is posted on the company’s site but doesn’t have a date. Then you see that the same job is posted on several additional job boards with different ages. A job that says “two days ago” on Glassdoor could say “30 days ago” on Indeed. It makes it so hard when I only want to apply to jobs that have been up for max one week.

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Why Do Employers Hold The First Paycheck? The Answer Here


You’ve started your new job and now you thought payday was today. So why didn’t you receive your paycheck? They might have told you that they are holding your first paycheck. Why does a company do this? In this short guide, we’ll go through why companies aren’t paying you for the first partial pay period and when you should expect your paycheck

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Technical Interview: 7 Tips For Crushing The Whiteboard Interview


Whiteboard interviews are a core part of any technical interview process. The process is simple, yourself and another engineer are standing in front of a whiteboard. The engineer will ask you programming challenges. They'll ask you to take over and write down how you would solve the problem. This can be daunting because you are probably the most comfortable

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How To Ask For An Extension On A Job Offer: Full Guide


Feeling like you need a little more time? Want to get an extension on the job offer you have but don’t know how to do it. We’ll show you a few steps to take in order to buy yourself a little time and make the right employment decision. First, congratulate yourself on having either multiple job opportunities or having a single job opportunity.

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