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How to Minimize Age Discrimination When Searching for an Executive Job

Professional Resume Services

Whether you want to believe it or not, age discrimination is real when it comes to job searches. This is one of the main reasons why the top resume writing services suggest people in their 40s and 50s visit them to update their resume to make it look more modern. While there’s nothing you can.

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9 Things to Talk About in an Executive Job Interview

Executive Career Brand

An executive job interview takes on a slightly different tone than your average interview. The structure is similar, and even some of the questions overlap from interviews for lower level positions. What’s expected of you, however, is on another level.

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Eight Recipes For Success From Top Celebrity Chefs

Ms. Career Girl

Success looks different for everyone, and we all get there via different routes. When we look at our idols, we normally see that they have tapped into their natural strengths to get to where they want to be, and that’s a lesson worth paying attention to.

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From Communications to Software Engineering

Career Shifters

“I'd always wanted something more creative.”. Ste Taylor was ready to jump with both feet into a more fulfilling, engaging career. Here's why he pivoted from his first plan, and how a tough decision got him moving more quickly towards work he loves

10 Things to Say Instead of Good Job

Evil HR Lady

We want to be positive. Well, some of us want to be positive. I want to be positive. But, sometimes, the only thing that comes out of my mouth is “good job!” ” This is a lovely thing to say, but it’s not very specific, and it’s not very helpful. Sure, it’s praise (and unspecific praise is better than no praise –as long as it’s honest), but it would be better if we thought through what we are saying a little bit more.

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“HR says my PEP (Performance Enhancement Plan) is not a PIP. True?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question: Two weeks ago I received from my manager a document with the title “Performance Enhancement Plan.” It basically says that I am not performing satisfactorily (which is untrue), and unless I immediately improve drastically in vague ways (like “make me feel confident in you”) in 60 days, I could get terminated.

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How an Effective Employer Brand can Convey Company Culture and Attract Talent

The Undercover Recruiter

A recent Glassdoor survey revealed that adults in the UK now place company culture above salary when it comes to job satisfaction.

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How Big Data Is Changing Disruptive Innovation?

Imarticus Learning

How big data is changing disruptive innovation? It is for sure that big data has grabbed the attention of many as the businesses have understood its prominence in this technology-driven world.

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I have no motivation to do my job

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I am absolutely done with my current job. I’ve been here for just over six years now and, honestly, I probably stayed here longer than I should have (I was starting to get bored around two years ago). However, my coworkers are lovely, my boss is super supportive, the benefits are amazing (I will have 35 days of PTO this year plus sick time on top of that!) and the health insurance is fantastic. I just hate my actual job.

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What are the Benefits of Investment Banking Certification

Imarticus Learning

With the rapid pace at which technology and data have evolved in the last decade, organizations have had to find newer practices in financial management and banking too.

personalized rejection letters are crushing my spirit

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I recently graduated from college and am trying to find that first full-time job in an increasingly shrinking industry: book publishing. I’ve volunteered at small presses, had three six-month long internships, and have a great network of publishing professionals. If I send out my resume, I’m getting responses and doing really good interviews but find myself repeatedly getting rejections.

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How Big Data Is Changing Disruptive Innovation?

Imarticus Learning

How big data is changing disruptive innovation? It is for sure that big data has grabbed the attention of many as the businesses have understood its prominence in this technology-driven world.

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WID Warrior: How Grant Successfully Changed Careers & Landed The Big Job

Career Realism

At Work It Daily, we love hearing when our members land their dream jobs and achieve career success. We like to call our members the "WID Warriors" because of their strength, determination, and commitment to career success.

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Difference Types Of Investment Banking

Imarticus Learning

Investment banking is all about providing expert advice and management services for complex, large financial transactions, and the provision of services related to raising and creation of capital for corporations, organizations or even governments.

my employee is overly budget-conscious and freaks out when we spend money

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I have a low-level employee who has always volunteered in nonprofits and worked in academia, and I’d love some tips on helping him change his budget awareness. He is very used to saving every penny of the organization’s money, at the expense of significant amounts of time, which makes sense if the money is scarce and the time is volunteered, but makes absolutely no sense if the money is adequate and the time is paid for.

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How Investment Banking is Different From Asset Management

Imarticus Learning

One of the biggest and obvious differences between asset management and investment banking is that assets are managed in asset management which is fundamentally managing investments that clients have and wish to invest for better returns, while investment banking deals with the raising of capital funds needed by companies, organizations, and even governments.

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Firing Lab: Dairy Queen, a Birthday Cake and "Moana".

HR Capitalist

It's judgement on terminations day here at the Capitalist. HR pros get their stripes from helping the business decide when employees need to stay, and when they need to go. The decisions are probably most important for what we'll call "overall judgment in critical situations."

Evolution Of Data Science In India

Imarticus Learning

Evolution of data science in India. In today’s bustling world an unprecedented amount of data is being generated by businesses and firms. The pinnacle of data proliferation pressurized on the businesses to employ specialized professionals apt for the tasks. The amount of digital data that exists today is at a staggering rate and is bound to increase by a large extent in the future.

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What is Difference Between Investment Banking and Corporate Finance

Imarticus Learning

Both investment banking and corporate finance deal with financial transactions and banking with some key differences. While investment banking deals with growing a company through raising its capital base the corporate finance division deals with managing the company and its daily operations and its goals for business both long and short term in nature. IB operates in raising capital for the company in the form of securities in the equity and debt markets.

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