Thu.May 21, 2020

Boundaries For Success – What Are Yours?

Ms. Career Girl

Several weeks into working from home, many of us have discovered just how challenging it can be. Everyone in your household has needed to make adjustments. The more people under one roof, the more agendas, the more complicated it gets, and the greater need for boundaries.

2020 180

BEST BOSS EVER Podcast: e3 - Pat Lynch and the State of Outplacement During COVID-19

HR Capitalist

Welcome to Best Boss Ever , the podcast dedicated to helping you develop managers who build great teams. In this episode, Kris Dunn talks with Patrick Lynch , President of CMP’s Southeast Region, to talk about the current state of outplacement during COVID-19.

2020 68

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how to respond when coworkers IM me “hi” with no indication of what they need

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: At my work, we have an instant messaging system. A lot of people will send an initial message that says nothing but “IM?” or “hi.” ” In addition to making me irrationally annoyed (just tell me you want already!!),

2020 97

my friend got me a job and now I’m being used to push her out, team lead tried to sell us MLM products, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My friend got me a job — and now I’m being assigned work that will push her out. Six months ago, my friend recruited me for a job opening, working with her on a really interesting project at a great company.

2020 66

update: should I talk to my coworker about her off-putting behavior?

Ask A Manager

It’s a special “where are you now?” season at Ask a Manager, when I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past. Remember the letter-writer asking if she should talk to her coworker about her off-putting behavior , including yelling and interrupting?

2020 63

how do I manage my stress and stay (reasonably) positive in the face of impending layoffs?

Ask A Manager

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: My company recently announced that they’re looking at the possibility of significant layoffs in the reasonably near future (6-8 weeks). My industry has been pretty hard hit by the Covid-19 situation, and it’s not something I didn’t see coming, but it still wasn’t great to hear. I feel about as secure as I can in this situation, but that’s still not super secure.

2020 49

can I ask my boss if layoffs are coming?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I am an admin at a large public university that has gone fully remote. Through the Covid-19 crisis, everyone is keeping their jobs with full pay, even if they can’t fulfill all their duties or find work for all their hours remotely. However, I am worrying about the fall, when the full economic impact of the coronavirus is felt, resulting in the possibility of fewer students enrolling. If significantly less students enroll, budgets may shrink and that may result in layoffs.

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