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The Perks Of Studying Data Science

Career Alley

Whether you are looking for your first job or you are a seasoned professional looking for a new career path, you can always look towards the technology world for a great prospect and great opportunities for you to make some money for yourself and your family this year.

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Managing Gossip and Bullying In The Office

Ms. Career Girl

It’s a sad fact that bullying doesn’t go away once you’re out of high school. According to a survey from the Workplace Bullying Institute, 60.4% of American were affected by workplace bullying. 2017 Workplace Bullying Institute US Survey ).

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Ep 146 – Workplace Elephant: Tackling Age Discrimination


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years as a writer and speaker in HR, it’s that there is power in a personal story—which is what you’re about to hear. Age discrimination is topic that is. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years as a writer and speaker in HR, it’s that there is power in a personal story—which is what you’re about to hear.

In Praise of Unpaid Internships

Evil HR Lady

First of all, if you want an intern, I strongly suggest paying for one. The laws are pretty strict in requiring pay for interns at for-profit companies. You can legally do it, but it will be easier and better for all concerned if you do pay–at least minimum wage. But, that said, I wish the Department of Labor would loosen their rules to allow for more unpaid internships. And it’s not just that I want young people to suffer the way we suffered back in my day. (I

Infographics: 6 Steps to Effective Change Management

Imarticus Learning

There are two significant kinds of organisational change; change imposed by circumstances and change that is planned and adapted for improvement and growth. It applies to individuals and large-scale enterprise organisations.

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Talent Strategy for Corporate Success: Choose Your Path Wisely

Evil HR Lady

Designing a talent strategy for corporate success doesn’t happen accidentally. It must be carefully thought out. Many management theorists have concluded that talent strategy is one of the prime determinants of corporate success. HR leaders have a lot to prioritize when it comes to their department, including finding the right people in the right places, assembling the best team, establishing dynamics, inspiring the right culture and encouraging employee engagement.

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The Scope of Cryptocurrency Technology in India

Imarticus Learning

In addition to the day-to-day politics, if there is any news which haunts the television shows in India, it is cryptocurrency. In order to have an idea about the scope of cryptocurrency in India, it is equally important to go into the depths of its evolution.

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How do you Measure Candidate Experience?

The Undercover Recruiter

There are many websites which list the best companies to work for based on the candidate experience – Glassdoor probably being the most popular one. But just how is candidate experience measured? Is it a tick-box exercise or is it more in-depth than that?

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Why You Should Become A Tradesperson

Corn on the Job

You may be aware of the skilled tradesperson shortage in the USA. What you might not be aware of is the severity, which has reached such a point that Home Depot, a private business, have donated $50m to train tradespeople.

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Lessons for HR: A PhD on Netflix Revenue and Spending.

HR Capitalist

"The goal, is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.". Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. --. Simple task from the HRC today. Watch this six minute video below and get a PhD on the Netflix spending spree on original shows and how it justifies burning money as they grow the subscriber base.

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‘What’s Your Biggest Weakness?’ How To Answer Common Interview Questions

Career Realism

‘What’s Your Biggest Weakness?’ ’ How To Answer Common Interview Questions Work It Daily. Even though it’s one of the most common interview questions out there, everyone hates being asked, “What’s your biggest weakness?” during a job interview. It’s hard enough showing your potential during an interview. How are you supposed to sell yourself to employers when they want you to tell them what’s wrong with you?

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I’m so burned out at work

Ask A Manager

This week on the Ask a Manager podcast, I talked to a guest who’s feeling burned out at work. Here’s the letter: How do you distinguish between burnout (which can be addressed) vs. a job that’s unfixable (which means you need to leave)? I know I’m burnt out, but I’m not sure if I should try to make things better in my current role or start aggressively job hunting. My workload has exploded over the past six months and I don’t see an end in sight.

2018 57

I manage an easily distracted manager, and it’s frustrating her employees

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: One of the departments I manage has a new manager. She’s an external hire and it’s been four months now. I’ve been getting complaints about her from employees both inside and outside of the department. They all say the same thing, that she loses focus, gets easily distracted, and goes off on tangents during work-related conversations. The employees from her own department are frustrated about it because it is affecting them getting work done.

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is my husband’s chronic unhappiness at work really about him, not his jobs?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: When it comes to employment / job stability, my husband and I are seemingly polar opposites. We have been together for almost seven years now (married for almost one year), and in that time, he has had six jobs. Of those, the longest he held the same one was for three years. It required overnight travel two nights a week, every week.

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director is asking about my struggling coworker, an ethical dilemma, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My director is asking me about my struggling coworker. The director of my department recently asked me whether I’ve noted anything about the behavior of a coworker who sits across from me. I’m a recent manager, but I don’t manage this person. She’s someone I consider a friend, but we don’t hang out outside of work or anything.

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