Wed.Feb 15, 2017

Work Ethics You Can Learn from Millennials

The Undercover Recruiter

Poor millennial. When they’re not being blasted by Simon Sinek as participation-trophy whiners with an alcoholic-level addiction to WhatsApp, they’re being told by TIME that their failure to afford house prices means they are developmentally stunted.

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Challenge: Take 1-Hour To Declutter Your House

Career Realism

Challenge: Take 1-Hour To Declutter Your House. Work It Daily. Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to take 1-hour to declutter your house. You might not realize it, but letting clutter accumulate in your home can actually hurt your performance at work. It can also hold you back from getting a job.

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6 Career Regrets Realized at 40 (Let’s Give Thanks)

Competitive Resumes

Not all career decisions end up being amusing stories we can tell later even if things turned out OK. We often lack foresight and insight when we’re in our early 20s. There are times our “yes” should have been “no”—and vice versa. Setting career strategies and goals are not easy.

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Top Tips For Personal Productivity

Ms. Career Girl

The post Top Tips For Personal Productivity appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Cornelia Shipley. Her bio follows. Having spent more than a decade climbing the corporate ladder, and as a current executive coach, I have seen it countless times.

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Why Hacker Threats Create a Boom in Cybersecurity Recruitment

The Undercover Recruiter

With cyber-attacks increasing across the world, so does the demand for cyber-security jobs. In an uncertain world, hackers are outpacing government and corporate defences, and one of the main reasons is poor cybersecurity.

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my coworker keeps coming to my office and interrupting my work

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: My coworker works in a building across the street from my building, but has frequent interactions with employees in my building. The structure of her position is such that she needs to get information or make requests of people in my department and other nearby offices on a daily basis. Her preferred method to do this is not just to email or pick up the phone, but to walk across the street and speak in person.

Remote Work is Helping Aspies to Finally Shine


Of all the work-capable disabilities, syndromes, and conditions, those with Asperger’s and especially Autism have the lowest employment rates. This is a startling fact, especially for those who know. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR aspies asperger's autism remote work Working from home

my aunt and uncle are extreme helicopter parents — and I work with their son

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I graduated from college in 2015 and am currently working at my first post-graduation job in the area I went to school for. I have been working here for 18 months. My cousin is a year younger than me and he graduated from college last summer. He has been working here for six months. The company we work for is large and well-known (many of your American readers would recognize the name).

Jobs for Social Anxiety Sufferers


Jobs for social anxiety; jobs with your mental health in mind. Do you suffer from social anxiety ? A large amount of the population does, which is exactly why jobs for social anxiety have recently risen to prominence.

anonymous complaint about politics, student workers keep interrupting my lunch, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I received an anonymous complaint about politics. I’m a relatively new manager at a nonprofit where the nature of the mission means that most people share liberal political views. The new administration has specifically stated that it intends to dramatically curtail our ability to do our work, so many people feel a professional stake in the politics. Many of the staff participate after hours in various political activities.

Preferred Methods of Communicating with KD, Ranked.

HR Capitalist

Because email's not dead, it's just been shoved to the side a little bit by a younger, sleeker option called Text. Here's the preferred methods of communicating with me, ranked with color commentary notes: 1.