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Signs You Have the Summer Blues and Tips to Fix It

Ms. Career Girl

Everyone you know gets giddy at the thought of a grownups-only pool party or taking off work for a day at the beach. For you, though, just hearing about a summertime BBQ with the rest of the office or an outdoor music festival makes you anxious.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“How did things ever get so far? I don’t know. It was so unfortunate, so unnecessary.” ” – Don Corleone, “The Godfather”. It happens to everyone, every once in a while: a difference becomes a dispute becomes a war. “It It is so unfortunate, so unnecessary.”

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Whistleblowing: Why It Should be Embraced and How to Make it Effective

Evil HR Lady

In movies, whistleblowers uncover deep, dark company or political secrets: greedy corporate fatcats who will happily kill small children in the hopes of increasing shareholder profits. Naturally, managers hate whistleblowers and will do anything to stop them. While obviously, such things do exist (and are the reason we need whistleblower protection laws), using the word whistleblower tends to make people think they are risking their livelihood if they expose problems at work.

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How to Respond to Negative Glassdoor Reviews.

HR Capitalist

You love to hate Glassdoor. You feel like the negative reviews are disgruntled ex-employees who can hide behind not disclosing their identities. . You're halfway right. There's still plenty of disgruntled takedowns of your company that are probably unfair.

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This Helicopter Mom Raised a Daughter Incapable of Normal Business Behavior. A Warning

Evil HR Lady

“There is no ‘P’ in hamster.” ” This is not a controversial statement. Any dictionary will agree with it. Any pet store will too. But, Carol Blymire overheard a conversation between a young employee with her boss , and this came up. The boss wanted a correction. The employee insisted that the word should remain “hampster” because that was how she spelled hamster. And that was what mattered.

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Autonomy and the Engaged Employee

The Undercover Recruiter

We all have a slightly different way of working, using our varied experience, skills, traits, and preferences as to how, when, and where we complete our duties. Understanding and capitalizing on these attributes are key for managers who want to adapt, innovate and succeed.

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our office may be haunted — how do I keep it from distracting from our work?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I work for a small, conservation-based nonprofit with four full-time people, five contract employees, and a summer program of up to 16 young people. We work out of a tiny office located inside 20 beautiful acres of land with which we are creating a public park. The office is a 110-year-old private home that was a rental for decades before being converted into an office. It’s cramped, loud, and far from ideal, but the location is perfect for our work.

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Chipotle Serves Up Extra Month Of Pay With New Employee Benefit

Career Realism

Many businesses offer comprehensive and unique benefit packages as a way of attracting and maintaining top talent.

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Is It Worth Doing a Masters In Blockchains And Cryptocurrencies?

Imarticus Learning

It isn’t just data that increases by the minute. With the phenomenal growth and use of data and the technology to use it for analytics the demand for education and training is certainly also increasing every minute. So are the jobs and demand for trained professionals.

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how do incompetent people get work?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m long-term unemployed and have been looking for work for years, on and off, as I had support and I found job seeking just so depressing. One of the worst things I have found when I have been applying for jobs, and when just doing general shopping as a consumer, is I see people who are employed and I know I could do a much better job than they are doing.

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What Qualification Does One Need To Go For Capital Market Training?

Imarticus Learning

If you are passionate about the Finance industry and have a fine knowledge and interest in the Sensex and nifty, why not make a career in the Capital Market and become a Capital Market Analyst ?

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should I warn a contact not to take a job at my awful company?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: A friend of a friend may be trying to join my small company. However, it’s a terrible place and several of us are trying to leave ASAP. If this were a friend I would definitely let her know. But this is an acquaintance. Do I say something? I ran into this person, and she excitedly told me she was meeting with the boss Friday. She asked me how I liked the job and I couldn’t lie. I took a long pause, and then said there were parts I liked.

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The Truth About Different Technology Jobs in Investment Bank

Imarticus Learning

Investment banks also use technologists and place them in various roles. It is definitely not the regular technologist’s job role where you get to coding and developing the environment.

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asking junior staff to speak for their generation, doing well in panel interviews, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Asking junior staff to speak for their generation. Any suggestions for how to curb the need some of my colleagues have to use the “youth” in the room — be it younger staff or interns — to speak for all people of their demographic? This happened to me when I was an intern and I hated it since it felt reductive.

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What is the Best Way to Learn Web Development

Imarticus Learning

How does one learn web development is a question that most of us have asked ourselves one time or another. Because all searches we do are for websites on our smartphones and laptops.

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Have No References For A Job Application? Here's What To Do

Are you thinking to yourself, “I don’t have any references for a job application, how am I going to apply to positions?” Don’t worry, we’re to here to help. Finding references isn’t the hardest thing you’ll deal with when applying to jobs. And there are alternatives to references, as well. Let’s go ahead and dig right in. What To Do Whe

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Managing Your Business for Profitability

Water Cooler Wisdom

A slow and steady growth strategy wins the race—or does it? Some new businesses take time to gain momentum and ultimately become profitable, while others go from zero to successful much more quickly. As someone whose business was in the former category, I set out to learn the secrets of owners who experienced rapid business growth. What did they do, and could their growth strategy be replicated? Address Customer Complaints.

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5 Best Part-Time Jobs Plus 14 Other Easy Part-Time Jobs

Part-time jobs are in abundance, but there are quite a few different types of jobs to choose from. So what are the best part-time jobs!? Maybe you want an easy part-time job to pad your bank account outside of your full-time job. Maybe you’re looking for the best part-time jobs out there to tide you over through the summer before returning to school

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What’s The Quickest Way To Learn Math For Machine Learning And Deep Learning?

Imarticus Learning

In modern times we have everything from developments like smartphones, robots, driver-less cars, medical instruments like CAT scans and MRI machines, smart traffic lights, and a host of animated games. Even payments have gone digital and cashless! And all this has emerged over the last decade due to AI, ML, and data analytics.

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Three Questions You’re Guaranteed to be Asked at Your Next Job Interview

Career Advice Guy

Generally hiring managers are not great interviewers and will often focus on your technical knowledge rather than general interview questions. That said, you're guaranteed to be asked the following three questions in every interview you attend. If you don't prepare answers to any other interview questions, make sure you have a good answer to these three. […]. QuestionsAndAnswers

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