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Forget Talent and Get to Work

Evil HR Lady

I gave a TedX talk back in May and it’s finally up on YouTube. ?. The post Forget Talent and Get to Work appeared first on Evil HR Lady. Exclusive EHRL

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Late Bloomer? Fear Not, The Best is Yet To Come!

Ms. Career Girl

Do you feel like you haven’t “peaked” in life yet? No worries. It is believed that developing later on in life is perfectly healthy and normal.

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How to Add Value to Your Resume With Your MBA

Career Alley

Your resume should make it obvious to an employer why they should hire you. That means you need to have a laser-like focus on what makes you the right candidate. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter Education MBA Resume

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Have a ‘Pre-Existing Creation?’ Protect it in Interviews and Job Offers

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Create with the heart; build with the mind.”. – Criss Jami. ACTUAL CASE HISTORIES : Adelisa, 38, had a rock-solid resume as an Analytics Design Specialist, having been employed by a list of impressive hedge fund employers. She was an expert in assisting Quantitative Analysts design software and algorithms to better predict investment performance. Her experience, skills and industry relations were such that she received recruitment inquiries almost weekly.

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What is the Recruitment Marketer’s Essential Tech Stack?

The Undercover Recruiter

Love it or hate it, technology is slowly taking over most part of our lives and within the workplace is no different. And one thing it guarantees it can do is to make your work life easier. There is technology available for every aspect of the world and recruitment marketing is no different.

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Advantages of AI Essay Help Tools

Corn on the Job

Many advantages that AI essay writing tools offer can help improve the writing of writers, be it an amateur or professional. Those advantages come as features that assist writers in many ways, among those are the following: Smart Proofreading.

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my manager said I need more confidence — what does that mean?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I just had my probation review for my new job and it went well! They seem pretty happy with me and the work I’m doing. Most of the feedback was stuff I agreed with and wanted to improve on anyway, so that was really great. But there was one thing which they kept bringing up as a consistent issue that I have no idea how to tackle. Throughout my probation, my manager brought up that I need to have “more confidence in my abilities and knowledge.”

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my team is overworked — and I’m the boss

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m a newish manager at a small non-profit whose work site is overseas. I report to an international Executive Director and oversee a small office in the U.S. We’ve recently grown our U.S. team to address problems of overwork. The dominant culture on the team is to sacrifice to get work done, despite my attempts to help team members manage their workloads, address inefficiencies, model work-life balance, and encourage honest conversations about overload. .

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how to tell your boss “that’s not my job”

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m feeling a bit stuck at work recently. I have a new department head and he keeps periodically asking me to do things that are very much not the normal responsibility of my role. These are always very simple things, things I am certainly capable of doing, but should fall outside of my purview. We even have documented methodologies indicating this sort of thing is not the sort of thing I’m expected to be responsible for.

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