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15 Common Job Interview Questions and How to Best Answer Them

Executive Career Brand

An Executive Recruiter’s Advice on Answering 15 Common Job Interview Questions. If you’re job-hunting and job interviews are looming, you’ve probably done some research on what kinds of questions you’ll be asked.

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5 Ways to Show Job Interview Mastery to Employers

Competitive Resumes

More than ever, job seekers must be proficient at interviewing. In fact, it’s likely every networking opportunity is an essential job conversation. It may be the interaction to decide your next step, so you want to be interview ready. The interview process is no longer a one and done meeting.

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A Guide to the Future of Work, with Josh Bersin

The Undercover Recruiter

We sat down with Josh Bersin, the Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, to discuss where he believes the future of work is heading towards, and what the most important aspects to consider within that would be. Tell us about Bersin by Deloitte and what you do there. We study all aspects of HR in the. View Article. A Guide to the Future of Work, with Josh Bersin. Undercover Recruiter - Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Blog.

Still Out of Work? 6 Blue-Collar Jobs Not to Turn Your Nose Up At

Corn on the Job

If you’re a white-collar worker, that is, someone whose job isn’t manual, for example, an office worker, then odds are that’s your strict preference when looking for a job. Good luck to you if you can find what you’re looking for and not have to suffer the doldrums of a long job search.

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ESPN Prez Wades Into Employee Political Identities with Jemele Hill Memo.

HR Capitalist

If you follow the media game (and in today's political environment where every outlet has a slant, it's hard not to), you might have seen that ESPN's Jemele Hill was out on her personal Twitter account calling the current POTUS a "white supremacist".

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How to Navigate the (Potentially Choppy) Seas of a Management Promotion


First, congratulations! You’ve been promoted to your first management position, probably because you excel in the skills necessary to make a significant contribution to the success of your organization and, even better, your talents have been recognized and rewarded by your superiors.

how can I get my staff to talk in meetings?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m a new manager at a small nonprofit I’ve worked at for about 2 years. My role recently expanded to include managing a small team of two full time staff and an intern, who perform duties that were unfamiliar to me before. Overall, the transition has gone well and I have good individual relationships with each person. However, I am really struggling with our new every-other-week team meetings.

my coworkers are terrible tippers, slackers are ruining remote work for the rest of us, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My coworkers are terrible tippers. My office has recently transitioned to a system that allows employees to order lunch with a company stipend of $20. Unfortunately, some of my coworkers will spend almost every cent they have on food and tip as little as 75 cents. As the receptionist, it’s my job to receive deliveries, and I feel terrible getting orders that are only tipping 5%.

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