Wed.Nov 25, 2020

The Space Between Anxiety and Depression is Called Gratitude

Ms. Career Girl

This article first appeared on Ms Career Girl in 2016. In this year of 2020 that has brought us all so many challenges, anxiety and depression have been on the rise and are impacting the lives of millions around the world.

2020 144

Adapt or Fail: Why Employers Need to Redesign their Workplace Culture

The Undercover Recruiter

The Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the way people live and work — forcing British businesses to pivot to new, digital, and remote ways of working. But, while many of these continue to manage, how many will truly thrive in the months – and perhaps years – to come?

2020 89

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a happy ending

Ask a Manager

We’re not quite into update season yet (that starts December 1), but I thought this letter was a good way to send us off into the Thanksgiving holiday. This is from a reader who had commented on a post earlier this month about kindness at work , about her sister and nephew who both had Covid.

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how do I talk about my work when my work is depressing?

Ask a Manager

It’s the weekly “ask the readers” question (I’m bumping it up to today since tomorrow is a holiday). This one is tough. A reader writes: How do I talk to my friends and family about my work when it is depressing? I work for an international development nonprofit.

2020 38

job applicants’ parents keep calling me

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I work at a camp, with loads of seasonal employees. We just opened applications for staffing opportunities for teens age 14-17 and were flooded with hundreds of applicants who want to come do our dishes, haul trash, and chop firewood. This is a wonderful thing! The problem is their parents, who regularly call for updates on their teens’ applications. We’re really too swamped with inquiries to respond to their (sometimes daily!) requests.

2020 31

Thanksgiving eve open thread

Ask a Manager

Share your holiday angst — or your holiday joy — in this special Thanksgiving eve non-work open thread. You may also like: when my office lets us out early before a holiday, why don't they tell us in advance?

2020 27