Wed.Jun 13, 2018

Pretty Little Lies on Your Resume That Will Prevent You From Snagging the Job

Ms. Career Girl

On a resume there’s no such thing as a little white lie. Because either a small embellishment or a large exaggeration will eliminate you faster than you can say, “Hey wait a minute, let me take that back!”

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How to Write a Personal Mission Statement


Wondering how to write a personal mission statement? Read on! Most companies create mission statements that define the direction the company wants to move. If mission statements mold the future of successful companies, why do so many professionals neglect to devise mission statements of their own?

2018 208

The Six Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Ms. Career Girl

“Yoga is for your mind not for your body!” announced my college professor when I told her that she should try yoga as it would help her shed her unwanted pounds. Of course, she asked for my opinion! So are you someone who harbors similar thoughts on yoga?

2018 155

Managing Isn’t Easy—But That’s No Excuse to Shirk the Responsibility

Evil HR Lady

Sometimes it seems that managers do nothing while their employees do all the work. So why should managers make more money to sit in air-conditioned offices and do paperwork while everyone else works hard? There is a difference between managing and doing , and in many cases (but certainly not all cases), managing is harder than doing. Sure, a manager’s work might be physically less demanding, but don’t underestimate the difficulty or importance of that work. Responsibility No. 1: Hiring.

2018 130

What Role Does Personalization Play in Employee Wellness?

The Undercover Recruiter

If everyone’s needs were the same then the world would be a very boring place. In fact, it’s very rare that any two people like exactly the same things all the time. The same can apply to employee wellness programs.

2018 80

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I’m ashamed of my past behavior at work — do I need to change fields?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I have an ongoing concern that has a lot to do with mental health but also has to do with work. I am seeing a therapist regularly to deal with the mental health aspect but I’m hoping to get insight from you on the work piece of it. I’m about seven years into my professional career and have intense anxiety daily about my performance. I was always a high performer and have been promoted many times.

2018 62

it is okay to clip your nails at work?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: Is it okay for folks to clip their nails in the office? In my last two cubicle-type jobs, there has been at least one person who clips their nails in the office on a regular basis. I think that practice is absolutely revolting (groom at home, people!), but other people I’ve vented to seem to think it’s no big deal. I don’t even know who the culprit is, so I have no idea how to address it — I just hear CLIP. every few days and want to die.

2018 61

hiring a candidate with controversial political views, my boss doesn’t like it when women curse, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Should we consider a candidate’s hot-button political views in hiring? We recently interviewed a candidate who previously held a position at an organization involved a hot-button issue. This candidate is also very involved in the issue through social media, even having created a public persona that attends shows and posts in support of their stance on the issue.

2018 57

how can I hire good candidates to work in a dysfunctional environment?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I work for a small organization (about 40 employees) that is currently in transition. We have had significant staff turnover in the last two years, and the result has pushed the organization into a level of dysfunction that I know will drive many good quality candidates away. However, I still have to hire people (I have two positions currently open), and I want to hire the best people possible, particularly as I think that poor hires will just make the situation worse.

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