Wed.Nov 18, 2020

Why Firing the “Victim” Was the Right Thing To Do

Evil HR Lady

Have you heard the phrase “open the kimono” in a business sense? Yeah, me neither. But, apparently it was a thing. It shoudn’t be thing. It’s sexist, racist, and generally gross. And a redditor used it at work and all hell broke loose.

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Post-COVID Benefits to Expect from Your Next Employer

Professional Resume Services

The COVID-19 pandemic will have lasting effects on the workforce in more ways than one.

2020 141

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5 Best Recruitment Podcasts Recruiters Need To Listen To

Recruit CRM

With recruitment networking events put to hold due to Covid-19, gather inspiration from these amazing podcasts that Recruit CRM has shortlisted. These 5 podcasts have been trending time and again providing recruiters with the latest tips, trends and best recruitment strategies this year.

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Finding A Job That You’re Going To Love Might Not Be Easy

Corn on the Job

Just because finding a job that you are going to love isn’t going to be easy, doesn’t mean that it won’t be worth it. At the end of the day, the best thing that you could find in a job is something that you are excited to do most days of your life.

2020 52

can I refuse to meet with my boss until he sends an agenda?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I am a teacher in a K-12 school. Like most teachers, I entered my profession believing that it was appropriate (and even necessary) to bury the lede when asking one of my students to have a conversation—you know, the old “Fergus, could I see you after class?”

2020 43

3 Job Roles To Apply For During The Pandemic

Corn on the Job

Image Source . Looking for a new job is never easy, especially if you find yourself in this position during a global pandemic. With so many people out of work, trying to secure yourself a new role is made much harder.

2020 52

my job search after grad school has been soul-crushing

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I’m a recent-ish (May) master’s grad who’s been pretty furiously job searching since I finished my degree. I’ve had a few really promising opportunities that ended up not working out, and a lot more non-responses.

2020 43

can I leverage a job offer for a raise at my current job?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I know that under normal circumstances, it’s possible and even savvy to use a new job offer to leverage a raise out of a current employer. But is it smart to do that during a pandemic? I work for a large-ish company that has had layoffs and furloughs due to COVID-19. The CEO has been open about the company’s lost revenue for the year, and everyone who has remained at the company has taken a reduced salary through at least the next few months.

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