Wed.Jan 20, 2021

I Just Got Laid Off. Why Did I Get a List of All My Co-Workers’ Titles and Ages?

Evil HR Lady

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How a Bi-Racial C-Suite Duo Take On Workplace Mistreatment

Ms. Career Girl

Career workers speaking out against workplace harassment and mistreatment are increasing, which means pressure for the companies reaping the fruits of their labor.

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How to Grow Awareness of Your Employer Brand

The Undercover Recruiter

Ashley Cheretes faces a challenge familiar to many employer brand leaders: Her company isn’t top-of-mind for many candidates, despite touching millions of lives. Cigna is the most well-known unknown company,” jokes Cheretes, Cigna’s Head of Marketing, Talent Acquisition.

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Free Resignation Email Message Template and Sample

A resignation email either accompanies a formal resignation letter. Or acts as part of the resignation. The resignation email informs the employer of the final date of employment.

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yelling at work, coworkers smokes e-cigarettes after being told to stop, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Is it ever okay to yell at work? I know you give the advice that yelling is unprofessional , but is it ever acceptable? Years and years ago, I had a coworker who didn’t respect personal boundaries.

2021 37

how big of a deal is lying on a resume?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I am a director of a local nonprofit with a very visible presence in our area. Two years ago, I hired a new associate director, Gina, after she had amazing interviews and strong references. She has proven to be exceptional in her role.

2021 34

my awful former boss is my new coworker’s sister

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I’m a freelancer in a creative industry, and recently I’ve started a new project with a new company. The other night I was invited to their monthly team drinks as a way to welcome me aboard.

2021 33