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Become a Fitness Professional in 2020

Career Alley

If you've ever considered switching careers and joining the fitness industry, here are a few of the most popular routes that you could take. Discover Career Opportunities Personal Trainer

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Framing As A Working Professional: What It Is and Why You Should Do It.

The HR Capitalist

“The most talented successful people in the workplace consistently “frame” their goals, work and outcomes via varied communication strategies.”. Kris Dunn, aka “KD ”. When someone quotes themselves, hold on tight! Buckle up! What is framing? It's not being a victim. It's being proactive.

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Upcoming Hiring and Recruiting Trends for 2020


As technology changes the way the world does business, HR managers and recruiters need to be prepared for change as well. Not only is technology changing the hiring process, but expectations within the hiring pool and the relationship between employers and employees are evolving as well.

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Employee Expenses 101: What Should Your Business Cover?

Evil HR Lady

Creating a budget for your business involves a delicate balance. You want to keep employee expenses down, but have your finances on too tight a leash and you could end up with unhappy employees — and maybe even a broken law or two. Here’s your guide to creating a small business finance plan that keeps your money working for you. Typical Employee Expenses.

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Flexit: What it Means for Recruiters Post Brexit

Undercover Recruiter

It is undeniable that Brexit marks the biggest geopolitical shakeup for generations. It is a topic that dominated public attention last year, with the news agenda eagle-eyed on parliament’s struggle to deliver a unanimously satisfactory exit deal.

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What is Volunteer Time Off?

The Corporate Con/noisseur

What is Volunteer Time Off? As the corporate environment shifts to younger generations and adults, so too do certain priorities and concerns.

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the value of a college degree “just in case,” student won’t take my feedback, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go…. Am I off-base about the value of a college degree “just in case”? I hope you can help me set up my high school junior for success and happiness in her work life. She’s very academically gifted, so her grades and test scores will help her have her choice of colleges.

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are these unreasonable expectations for a part-time contractor?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I was laid off two months ago when my employer eliminated my entire department. I was recently one of the final two candidates for a position that would have been a perfect fit for me. I was up against an internal candidate and did not ultimately receive the offer; however, I was offered part-time contract work.

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update: will it hurt my chances of getting hired if I can only do video interviews?

Ask a Manager

Remember the person asking if only being able to do video interviews would hurt their chances of getting hired (#2 at the link)? Here’s the update. One of the comments on the thread hit the nail in the head regarding my situation, which I’d simplified when I wrote to you for the sake of brevity. Basically I am relocating to a whole different country (one where I am legally allowed to work without needing a work visa) and I’ve been job searching for that country since May.

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