Sun.Jan 19, 2020

5 Simple Tips that Will Help You Ace that Job Interview

Career Alley

There are ways you can prepare for the dreaded interview and make the right impression. Many articles on acing your interview will tell you to research the company, but you’ll help your case even more by researching your interviewers as well.". Nail the Interview interview Interview Tips

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Attracting Talent Through Employer Brand Authenticity

The Undercover Recruiter

This global biotech company stands out in a competitive industry by prioritizing authenticity—saying no to impersonal stock photography and “vanilla” social media advocacy. Tammy Embry is a Global Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing Strategist at Amgen.

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Recruit Your Friends to Help With Your Job Search

Career Alley

Consider what your friends can bring to the table. If you aren’t very good at creating a cover letter that will grab the attention of your prospective employer, maybe you can ask one of your friends to help. Find your Dream Job College Job Search

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How to Decorate a Cubicle for a Birthday

The Corporate Con/noisseur

How to Decorate a Cubicle for a Birthday. One of the best ways to show employee appreciation and increase employee morale, is to recognize an employee on their birthday.

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I wasn’t the first choice for my job, I took a counteroffer but now want to quit, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go…. I wasn’t the first choice for my job, and I think it shows. I’ve started a new position that is a really great opportunity for my career. However, I wasn’t the first choice candidate (their first hire didn’t show up) and it’s starting to show. This is giving me an incredible amount of anxiety and I’m not sure how to proceed working here. I feel less enthusiastic about my work.

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