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5 Tips to Help You Write the Perfect Cover Letter


Your cover letter is the first thing potential employers see and, therefore, it greatly impacts potential employers' opinions of you. A perfect cover letter will entice the reader to continue on to your resume. A poorly written cover letter may mean your resume doesn't get read at all.

Are Cover Letters Old-Fashioned?

Careers Done Write

Although cover letters are a long-standing part of the job search, they are not outmoded. Cover letters or cover emails are more relevant today than ever. Job seekers are facing steep competition in today’s job market. A misstep will cost you a job.

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ResumeBear: 20 Impressive & Inspiring Productivity Experts on Twitter

Resume Bear

At some point, everyone – not just over-scheduled students, parents, and professionals – struggles with time management, organizing, and other components of a productive lifestyle.

How current is that job search advice? | Responding to the dinosaurs.

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Yesterday, I shared a university career center assessment of a cutting-edge, targeted, focused, differentiating career-marketing document I created for a soon-to-graduate student client. You can read more detail about the document here.

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4 Strategies to Hire for Diversity with Mobile


Diversity Strategies for Workplace Diversity. This last couple weeks I’ve been working on a 15 page paper for a Wiley publication that I was asked to write about human resources, mobile, social media, and technology.

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The 5 Most Awkward Conversations at Work

Water Cooler Wisdom

You asked your co-worker if she was pregnant, and she's not. You asked your boss of eight years if he enjoyed his Christmas, and he had to remind you that he's Jewish. Your co-worker is a touchy-feely type, and you just admitted it makes you uncomfortable. A colleague just remarked on an unsavory habit of yours - like the fact that you bite your nails. After going on about how much you dislike a new hire, your colleague informs you he's her cousin.

How to Use Your Contacts to Land a Job

Position Ignition

Do you have a vast network but don't always know how to use them to help you get that job? Are you working on developing your network but are struggling to make that next step? Here are a few tips to help you get into that next gear and to make sure that you are working your contacts to help you get to where you want to be without being overly aggressive: 1) Really Get to Know Your Connections. You can only ask for help from someone if and when you really know them.

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Get The Strongest Impact From Your Weak Linkedin Connections


Many job seekers don't use their Linkedin networks and personal contacts to their greatest potential. We tend to focus on people we are most comfortable with, the ones we know best. Instead, if you knew that you'd have much stronger results by. Continued at [link]. Featured Networking/Social Networking reCareered Blog career career change Job job search linkedin networking Planning research social branding

more things not to say in your cover letter

Ask A Manager

In our continuing Things Not to Say series, here are more things not to say in your cover letter: • “I strongly believe your search can end today.” ” Um, wow. You haven’t even talked to anyone yet to learn about the position. This kind of hyperbole doesn’t just make you look arrogant; it also makes you look naive. • “I meet the requirements for the position.” ” The opposite of the one above!

7 New Sites to Consider for Your Resume and Online Profile

Boomers Next Step

Experts today believe that an is preferred by prospective employers rather than traditional resumes. However, job seekers would also need a solid resume during their hiring process. Fortunately there are several new websites today that allow you to make the best of both worlds. Given below is a list of 7 new sites that you [.]. Careers Resume Help Resumes and Portfolios

overly rigid online job application systems

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A reader writes: During my job search, I’ve come across several organizations that use rigid online application systems. For instance, I was working on an application that asked if I have a bachelor’s degree in X. The options were yes or no, without a space to make notations. For me, the answer would be no, but I do have a master’s degree in X. Having applied to this employer before, I know that marking no would automatically kick me out of their system.

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Where My Boys At??

Ms. Career Girl

Guy friends are the best. We all know that. No need to be high-strung, little concern on impressing them, and it is totally casual. And fart jokes are normally totally cool. Now living in the city, I feel like my guy friends are just as crucial as my girls.

Survey Says: It’s Not Just Boomers Who Plan to Work Past Retirement

Career Rocketeer

Recently, Joanie Ruge, Sr VP and Chief Employment Analyst for Randstad (world’s second largest HR and staffing firm) released the results of a work monitor survey. This survey is conducted quarterly by Randstad in 30 countries around the world. The work monitor survey measures a variety of things ranging from attitudes on retirement [.]. Everything Else Career Management Dorothy Tannahill-Moran SEO1

A Passover Thought

Sklover Working Wisdom

To All Our Friends Who Celebrate. Passover: May your Matzoh Balls be light. May your Horse Radish be strong. May your Wine be sweet. May you never forget how precious is Freedom from Oppression and Slavery, the meaning and lesson of this wonderful Holiday. Have a Happy and Healthy Passover!

Patience is a Virtue (but a job would be better) – Wish Upon a Job Part III

Career Alley

“ The first rule of business is: Do other men for they would do you. ” – Charles Dickens. A friend of mine found out that their job would be ending in 6 to 12 months. That sounded like more than enough time to find a great job with time to spare. Plenty of time to be patient and pick the best opportunity. Of course, that was 5 months ago and now it looks like their job will end in another 2 to 3 months. Where did all of that time go?

3 Smart Ways to Brand Yourself in the Job Hunt Process

The Undercover Recruiter

In a sea of resumes, it couldn’t be harder to stand out than it is right now. While your experience screams, “Hire me!” so does everyone else’s. In today’s job world, it’s a competition about who you know, and even then, the process of getting plucked out of 300 resumes can be an impossible task.

Why Being an Optimist Will Get You Ahead in Your Career

Career Realism

Success Tweet : Be an optimist. Believe things will turn out well. When they don’t, don’t sulk. Learn what you can, use it next time. There are two important pieces of career advice about optimism and life and career success in this tweet. First, optimists believe things will turn out well.

How to Survive a Scandal

Water Cooler Wisdom

While writing my recent book Blind Spots , I had the opportunity to meet Patrick Rodgers.    Patrick was a lawyer who had been a notable member of his community since he was young, participating in the Kiwanis Club and his local Chamber of Commerce.    But one year, when Patrick’s brothers both passed away from cancer, Patrick neglected some important client paperwork and was disbarred. It took him four hard years to regain his credibility and return to public service. 

Build Your Confidence, Boost Your Career

Career Realism

Success Tweets : Optimism is contagious. Become a positive, optimistic person. Surround yourself with positive people. They will build your confidence. In this post, I’d like to focus on the 1995 Rugby World Cup, played in South Africa.

How to fix your damaged reputation at work


Even the best employees sometimes struggle at work. You may have missed important deadlines. Perhaps you arrived late several days in a row. Whatever the reason, if your reputation is damaged, then it’s your job to fix it. Assess Your Situation Most large companies have formal human resources policies in place to address employee remediation. During your annual review, your supervisor will likely address any performance deficiencies and hopefully detail how you should address them.

The Likeability Factor

Resume to Referral

The dreaded job interview. No matter your resume and talents if you mess this up you won’t get the job. In today’s tough economy you need every possible edge. You want to be liked – It’s just as important as your formal qualifications. In other words the most qualified applicant doesn’t always get the job.

Contest: Calling All Scary Office Refrigerators!

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Is your office refrigerator horrifying? Are there still things in there from last year? Is everything freezer-burned so badly that you don’t even know what’s in there? If you think that you have a nasty office refrigerator, we want to see it!

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4 Tips for Yahoo Layoff Victims

Career Realism

When I saw the announcement 2,000 people were laid-off from Yahoo this week, my first thought was, “I hope they gave them some good career coaching services.”