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How to Begin Your Career as an Independent Author

Ms. Career Girl

How do I begin a career as an independent author? There are probably as many different ways to answer that question as there are independent authors. We are all unique individuals, coming from different backgrounds, with our own stories, traveling our own journeys, with varied outlooks and dreams.

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Increasing Your Qualifications And Opportunites As A Healthcare Professional

Career Alley

Sometimes in the world of business and trade, all you need is a few years of experience to go from a junior role to a middle management position. Discover Career Opportunities Health Care Healthcare Careers

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“How Do I Find An Exciting New Role – Without Taking Another Step Backwards In My Career?”

Career Shifters

Zadie's role is becoming an increasingly poor fit, and she's ready for a new challenge. The problem is, she's already re-started from the bottom of the ladder once before, and she's not keen to do it again. How do you move into exciting new work without taking a drop in status and salary

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Moving Up to a Coworking Space

Evil HR Lady

When your organization is small enough and the work can be done remotely, it might not seem worth dragging your employees to one central location — especially considering the cost of leasing a private office. And, conveniently, employees generally love telecommuting. Globally, 70% of professionals work from home at least one day per week , and 20% work remotely regularly.

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Why Life Skills Are Also Needed

The Undercover Recruiter

I have often written about the skills, attributes, and experience that a recruiter should ideally possess to be successful however I wanted to take the opportunity to recommend the other aspects of your life you should also focus on if you want to ensure you achieve all of your potentials.

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PODCAST: e4 - This is HR - Women's Soccer Pay Equity, Management by 2Pac, Productivity Woes

HR Capitalist

(Email subscribers, if you don't see the podcast player, click here to listen to the podcast ).

How To Answer 7 Of The Most Common Interview Questions

Career Realism

Interview questions are not as straightforward as they seem, and answering just one question incorrectly may put you out of the running for a job. The takeaway? Be ready to read between the lines.

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my client won’t pay my cancellation fee, company asked us to donate a kidney to a board member, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go…. My friend/client won’t pay my cancellation fee. I have a friend who I met because we both enjoy certain sports. I’ll call him Frank. I only see Frank when I am involved in this sport, but it’s a small community, so everyone knows each other. Because my business caters to this sport and others like it, Frank decided he would like to use my service. And because he is a friend, I gave him a discounted price.

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What is the Difference Between a Full-Stack Developer, Web Developer and Back end Developer?

Imarticus Learning

A career in web development is in high demand now that new-age technology is taking the world by storm. Even the most traditional organizations are gearing up for or are carrying out massive technological changes.

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will it hurt me if my current salary is much less than a job’s posted range?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: You’ve made clear your thoughts regarding employment applications that request the applicant’s current salary. One concern I saw mentioned frequently in the comments is the fear that employers might reject a candidate applying for a lower-paid position, thinking that person will be out of their price range. I have the opposite question. I had a recruiter contact me with an opportunity, which included the salary range.

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What are the Prerequisites for Becoming an Investment Banker?

Imarticus Learning

Investment banking has long been considered a lucrative, high-paying field. A fresher investment banker can earn 6 figure sums easily, while senior-level pros bring in money in the millions.

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I saw my employee’s X-rated chat

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: Today, during a screensharing session with my new direct report, Barb, I saw something inappropriate on her screen and did not speak up. I was so dumbfounded that I quickly wrapped up the training session and ended our call. I’m almost sure I saw her chat session with another colleague in her office with explicit reference to body parts that would be covered by a swimsuit, wet t-shirts, etc. Should I say anything to Barb? Or should I try to forget I ever saw anything?

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severance pay: who gets it and how it works

Ask A Manager

Over at New York Magazine today, I’ve written about severance pay — the payment(s) you might get if you’re fired or laid off. I talk about what it is, who gets it, why companies offer it, how to negotiate for more, and everything you else you need to know. You can read it here. You may also like: what to do if your boss asks you to resign update: what kind of severance package should I try to negotiate?

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