Sat.Sep 23, 2017

Reading a Novel: You Just Might Find A Surprise Role Model

Ms. Career Girl

I must have been about ten when I discovered the Sue Barton Nurse books. My older sister brought them home, but I was the one that devoured them. My mother worried that they were too sophisticated for me because they had a hint of romance.

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4 Career Options That Are Always In Demand

Career Alley

Millennials face a lot of problems in the job market. A wobbly economy is making employment insecure, leading to the rise of the so-called gig economy. Add to this the fact that people are working for longer than ever -- meaning jobs are not naturally being vacated as quickly -- and it’s clear: the choice of career you embark upon is more important than ever. Career Opportunities Job Search

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15 Science-backed Tips for Writing Job Descriptions

The Undercover Recruiter

For many recruiters, hiring managers, or bootstrapping startups, hiring a new person is an incredibly important task. And while that statement may come as no surprise to those who have ventured to do it, the process itself can still have your reeling. Before you even think about the interview process or salary negotiation, you have. View Article. 15 Science-backed Tips for Writing Job Descriptions. Undercover Recruiter - Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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Dangerous Jobs – How You Can Protect Yourself

Career Alley

Let’s face it - there are dangers in every job. The role itself might not prove fatal, but stress, poor building maintenance, or high-risk positions can all cause problems for you. Career Opportunities Job Search

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Home Based Business Website Tip

Boomers Next Step

How to make your website look great on mobile devices Many people who start building a business online make the mistake of thinking that once their website is up and running, their biggest job is finished. Actually, it’s just beginning.

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