Thu.Sep 24, 2020

How Buffer Approaches Salary Transparency (It's Kind of Cool)

The HR Capitalist

Attention HR geeks who like to dabble in compensatio n. Also, attention anyone who is interested in current events, which finds some highly compensated workers moving out of high priced areas (SF, NYC, LA) to work remote.

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The Sure Way to Alienate Your Employees During Covid

Evil HR Lady

All employees are required to wear masks when walking around, keep socially distanced while seated, and must eat lunch their desks–no group lunches in the cafeteria. Unless, of course, you’re part of the executive team.

2020 163

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you’re exhausted and burned out because work is terrible

Ask a Manager

I’m a big fan of the writer Anne Helen Petersen, who wrote the excellent “Scandals of Classic Hollywood” series at the now-defunct Hairpin and a series of fascinating profiles and lately has been writing more and more about work. Her newest book, out this week, is Can’t Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation.

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updates: family noise when working from home, the boring job, and more

Ask a Manager

Here are four updates from people who had their letters answered here in the past. Family noise when working from home due to quarantine (#4 at the link).

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do you miss your office?

Ask a Manager

We often think of working from home as a perk (you can work in sweats! with a cat in your lap!), but with so many people switching to remote work because of Covid, lots of them have discovered they don’t much like it. Part of that is because of the circumstances, of course: we’re in the middle of a highly stressful crisis with no timeline for its end, and lots of people are trying to juggle child care along with work.

2020 31

coworker is obsessed with my video set-up, how important are cover letters in IT, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My coworker is obsessed with my video set-up. I work as a creative in a small team in a large enterprise organization. Since we have been working from home, my group has been meeting weekly over Zoom. I am married to a film creative and he lovingly created a Zoom set-up for me with a podcast microphone, professional camera, lens, set background, and lighting.

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