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Anxiety & Depression: Take a Step Back in Order to Move Forward

Ms. Career Girl

Your past does not determine who you are in the present, or in the future. Taking a step back into your past and ‘uncreating’ unhealthy habits and behaviors can be a powerful way to move beyond depression and anxiety. For many people, life is all about judgement.

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How to Ace Your C-Level Executive Job Interview

Professional Resume Services

Many executives feel similar emotions when they’re searching for a new job. They work so hard on their executive resume biography , improving their personal brand by networking and more just to land an interview.

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7 Key Time Management Skills to Share with Your Employees

Ms. Career Girl

When an employer looks for good skills in their employee, they are not just watching for hard talents like being able to navigate through the computer system. Soft skills are just as important, and sometimes even more so.

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“How Do I Resist Falling Back Into The Soulless Work I Know?”

Career Shifters

Chris is tired of doing work he finds meaningless. But while he’s been given an opportunity to explore new ideas, he’s also got a young family to support. When it feels like time, and savings, are running out, how do you stop yourself from drifting back to the same old unsatisfying role

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Career paths that WILL lead to success

Ms. Career Girl

You don’t want some workaday, nine to five, humdrum job that pays a pittance. You’re on the hunt for something with a little more class, a smidge more cultural cache and a few thousand more pounds per month. We understand – you’re a greenhorn in the world of work and you want the most out of life.

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How to Finance Life After College

Career Alley

Between working to perfect your resume, gain the right experience and pay off your student loans, it’s also important to get a handle on proper finance skills that will help propel you to success and make life easier. Discover Career Opportunities College Grad

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employee missed work after birthday drinking, interviewer hung up on me, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Employee missed work because of birthday drinking. An employee I manage called out today due to being hospitalized over the weekend for alcohol poisoning.

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do I wear too much black at work?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: My current office’s dress code is business casual, and I wear black, knee-length dresses almost every day. I typically wear a neutral, light colored cardigan with the dress, and I always have a navy or black blazer on hand in case I need to step up the look unexpectedly. I don’t wear bright colors because I don’t like how I look in them. My coworkers usually make snide comments about my clothes like “there goes Morticia, wearing all black again,” and it’s getting to me.

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How Does Scrum Work?

Imarticus Learning

Software development uses Scrum. We shall explore Scrum from definition to practice taking into account its pros and cons.

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the weird world of writing an advice column

Ask A Manager

Over at Buzzfeed today, I joined Daniel Ortberg of Dear Prudence , Jolie Kerr of Ask a Clean Person , Jennifer Peepas of Captain Awkward , Nicole Cliffe of Care and Feeding , and Harris O’Malley of Dr. Nerdlove in a roundtable about writing advice columns. We talked about weird letters, whether we give advice to family/friends, how to get your letter answered, the letters that stay with us, and more. You can read it here. (Be Be warned that it contains adult language and topics.).

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Is Data Analytics An Interesting Career Field?

Imarticus Learning

One of the biggest job sectors of the last few years, data analytics is seen as one of the most lucrative career options today. In the United States, an estimated 2.7 million jobs are predicted to be taken by data science and analytics by 2020.

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my coworker won’t answer my emails

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I have a coworker who very rarely responds to my emails. Maybe 25% of the emails I send her get any response or acknowledgement she read them. I work in manufacturing as an engineer, and she runs inventory, so our paths don’t often cross but I still need her input on certain aspects of my job. Every time we interact in person she has been very helpful, kind, polite etc. Normally it’s just to stock up on pens or something small.

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