Thu.Jan 18, 2018

Is 2018 The Year You Launch Your SideHustle?

Ms. Career Girl

Many of us aspire to having our own business, or at least a sidehustle that brings in some extra cash. So why haven’t you started working on it? Fact is, years seem to fly by ever more quickly. So December 31, 2018 is going to be here in eleven very quick months.

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These Work Behaviors Could Cost You Your Job

Professional Resume Services

Your workplace behaviors can play a large role in shaping your career. No matter how skilled and experienced you are, if you have poor workplace habits and are difficult to work with, then you won’t reach the career levels you desire.

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The Top 100 Companies For Remote Jobs

Ms. Career Girl

More people are working from home than ever before. 43% of U.S. workers now work remotely at least occasionally, up from only, at the most, 9% of workers in 2007. And remote work has grown far faster than any other commute mode over the last 10 year. Well, of course!” you’re probably saying.

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Boost Your Chances of Employment While Letting The You Shine Through

Career Alley

What’s your Unique Selling Point? It’s something that entrepreneurs ask themselves every day. Those who choose to make a living by starting their own businesses often agonise over how they will make themselves stand out in a busy, over crowded and hyper competitive marketplace. Job Search Careers

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That Facebook Viral Video about How It’s Impossible to Get Overtime Pay? False.

Evil HR Lady

The last viral video I saw about wages, was Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda touting their own ignorance about how waitstaff are paid. Two days ago, another comedian, Trae Crowder , posted a video claiming that very few people receive overtime pay in the US because evil companies can simply change your title. Crowder, obviously, doesn’t have the same name recognition as Tomlin and Fonda, but he has been able to get almost 15,000 shares of his video in 36 hours.

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Your Ultimate Guide to HR Certification


I had been in Human Resources for just a few years when my Should-have-been-my-mentor friend told me about HR certification. At the time, HRCI was the only game in town for HR certification and you. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. Basics HR hr certification hr glossary hrci SHRM

What are the Salary Trends in Data Analytics?

Imarticus Learning

Times are changing, from a generation that was addicted to television, we are now in the age with extreme dependency on devices. It is not only for pleasure but also convenience. Using e-commerce websites to shop, or apps to remind you about your medicine intake, to having an interactive house where appliances communicate with you to keep things in order when you are back from a long day at work, all this is possible due to our own data and data connected devices.

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5 Trends Staffing Firms Are Anticipating to Impact the Industry

The Undercover Recruiter

Well hello there recruiter. Has your new year got off to a good start? We’re getting reports of too many job requirements and not enough candidates. Business isn’t looking too bad for the staffing industry this year.

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A Guide to Truck Driving and Delivery Jobs

Corn on the Job

From food delivery to CDL tractor-trailer driving, truck-driving jobs are available for different kinds of drivers and cargo in every state. The median pay for truck drivers in 2016 was $13.65 per hour —equaling $23,390 per year.

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I don’t think I’d be good at the job I’m interviewing for

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: How can I stop myself from focusing on the aspects of a job I know I won’t be good at? The organization has contacted me for an interview, which means they think I’m qualified. But I’m scared they’re going to smell my fear — fear that they’re interviewing someone for a public-facing position who really would prefer hiding in a back room and being behind the scenes.

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Career Zingers #9: Standing naked in the locker room

David Zinger

Running the career race: What did you leave behind? I was in the change room at the gym today. One gentleman arrived at the gym to suddenly realize he had left his gym clothes at home. He bemoaned, “I was in such a hurry when I left home I just forgot my clothes and I have been so busy today I didn’t even realize I forgot them until I got here.” ” As we race off in our career we may inadvertently leave something, or even someone important, behind.

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employee doesn’t want to work when it snows, interview expense shenanigans, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My employee doesn’t want to work when it snows. I’m a manager in a medium-size nonprofit where I oversee a staff of twelve. Last year one of my employees had attendance problems related to various stressors involving family members, a personal loss, illness, car trouble, winter weather, etc. Some of these stressors were quite significant; others were the sort of thing most of us would power through and handle after our workday was over.

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what items have made your life at work easier or more pleasant?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: Last week’s post about the modesty panels on desks made me a) thankful my desk has a modesty panel, when I’ve never given it any consideration before, and b) think of a possible post idea. I would love to know what office supplies/office items commenters have purchased or have been given that made their work much easier. With the new year starting, I have supply money that I want to use to buy great things that make my work easier, more efficient, more pleasant, etc.

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is there a best time to send rejection letters?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: Is there a standard for when to send out rejection letters? I deal with a lot of hiring in my job and I usually know as soon as I review a resume or hold an interview whether or I’m going to reject someone, but I have always figured that people don’t want to receive a rejection notice within hours of leaving a job interview, so I wait a few days.

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