Mon.Jan 25, 2021

Why You Will Never Know the True Reason the NYT Fired

Evil HR Lady

New York Times reporter, Lauren Wolfe lost her job last week. According to Twitter, it was all about the above tweet. The theory was that The New York Times bent to the will of conservatives and fired Wolfe because of her joy in having Biden assume the presidency.

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Personal Branding: How to Create a Digital Footprint

Ms. Career Girl

The past few months have forced us to rely on technology to conduct business — cue the hundreds of emails and Zoom conference links flooding our inboxes. Since the Internet is now the place to be, digital personal branding is more important than ever.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” ” – Winston Churchill. If you can’t see the photo above, please [ Click Here ]. Sometimes this life is so hard that it’s tempting to just quit.

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Why “What Am I Good At?” Is The Wrong Question To Ask At The Start Of Your Career Change – And What To Do Instead

Career Shifters

Trying to identify your transferable skills? Wishing you knew what your strengths were, so you could really get going on your shift? Be careful. Natasha shares 3 reasons why starting from ‘skills’ could be stunting your options – and what to do instead

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3 Reasons Why We’ll Continue Remote Interviewing Post Pandemic 

Undercover Recruiter

Interviewing has gone remote. While some think this is temporary, it’s actually the future. When the pandemic began, businesses were focused on putting their heads down and weathering an uncertain economic environment. For many, this meant a temporary freeze on hiring.

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From Secondary School to Awarding Body

Career Shifters

“I had nagging doubts that I wasn't making a difference anymore.”. George Stainsby wanted to get back to being the enthusiastic person he used to be.

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how to manage a combative, negative employee

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I have an employee who I would really like to succeed, but her attitude makes it difficult for her to get ahead.

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my colleague’s auto-reply says she might never answer your email

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: Two months ago, a colleague introduced me to a colleague/competitor at a similar organization to mine. We were trying to figure out if there was merit in working together on a project or not, combining our skills.

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my coworker refuses to wear a mask

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: My company implemented a mask policy (everyone must wear a mask whenever they are outside of their own office/cubicle) back in May, and a state mask mandate went into effect in July. Both of those things are still active, and my coworker Bob is still the lone hold-out on the mask rule. In addition to not wearing a mask, Bob also doesn’t socially distance and often stands a feet or two away from me, often so close to me that I can smell and feel his breath.

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