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When Should You Seek Legal Action Against Your Employer?

Career Alley

Discrimination is one of the most common reasons that employees take out legal action against their employer. Discrimination is when your employer treats you unfairly or differently because of personal characteristics or who you are as a person. Discover Career Opportunities legal help

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A Daily Checklist to Help Improve Your Self-Confidence

Ms. Career Girl

If you’re one of the millions of people who struggle with low self-confidence each day, you already know how much of a toll it can take.

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6 Steps to Becoming a Beauty Blogger or YouTuber


If you’re tech-savvy and also interested in health and beauty, then you may want to share your skincare tips, makeup secrets or beauty hacks with the rest of the world.

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10 Self-Love Practices You Should Be Doing Now

Ms. Career Girl

During the hustle and bustle of our daily lives—taking care of the kids, the pets and the ever-growing piles of work and chores—it can be nearly impossible to stop and give yourself some snaps.

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8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hold out for that Dream Job

Evil HR Lady

Are you chasing your dream job? Lots of people are. And it’s fine to have a dream, but the reality is much harsher. Settling can be the better choice. Here are eight reasons why. You have bills. Or at least you should. If you’re still living with your parents and are over 22, that’s super nice of your parents, but you need to start acting like an adult. Take any job that will allow you to be an adult and pay your own bills.

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How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Ms. Career Girl

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to avoid the buzz about investing in real estate. The reality shows make investing in real estate look like a fun adventure that’s profitable, to boot.

What Are The Ways Big Data Is Changing The Healthcare Industry?

Imarticus Learning

Introduction. Big data is the new elephant in the room. One can do nothing but notice how fast its applications are increasing and talk about it. Big data has made use of such information which was collected through various systems but was never used.

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Parents Want Career Progression Too

The Undercover Recruiter

Sally was forced to leave her management job in HR at a large company after being turned down for any kind of flexible working while on maternity leave. She asked for reduced hours, a compressed week and a nine-day fortnight. None was acceptable. She was offered a lesser role. She opted instead to leave and. View Article. Parents Want Career Progression Too Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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5 Things To Do Before Your Next Job Interview

Career Realism

Congrats! You landed a job interview. Now, how are you going to ace it and move on in the hiring process? There are a few things that are absolutely CRITICAL to interview success. If you want to get a job offer, you've got to do these things before an interview.

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How to Build a Powerful Professional Network

Boomers Next Step

Once you are employed, and intend to stay employed for some time, it is important to build a powerful professional network. It is so easy to become complacent and stop developing your professional network when you have been in a job for some time.

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What Employers Are REALLY Looking For In Job Candidates

Career Realism

The longer your job search drags on, the more you start to doubt your interviewing abilities. Or worse—you start to doubt your skills and experience as a job candidate, which in turn affects your interview confidence.

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How to be a team player while Gen Z saves the planet

Penelope Trunk

I am with my son at Northeastern University Law School for a day of panels about socialist initiatives. My son told me no writing blog posts in the back of the room. Can you please just fit in today?”. Fit in? Does he notice that he’s the only high schooler here?

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weekend free-for-all – October 5-6, 2019

Ask A Manager

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you’d like to have with other readers, by popular demand. This one is truly no work and no school.). Book recommendation of the week: The Dutch House , by Ann Patchett.

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Take These Crucial Steps to Rebuild Your Career After an Accident

Corn on the Job

Take These Crucial Steps to Rebuild Your Career After an Accident. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released figures showing that there were “approximately 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employers” in 2017.

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open thread – October 4-5, 2019

Ask A Manager

It’s the Friday open thread! The comment section on this post is open for discussion with other readers on anything work-related that you want to talk about. If you want an answer from me, emailing me is still your best bet*, but this is a chance to talk to other readers. * If you submitted a question to me recently, please do not repost it here, as it may be in my queue to answer.

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