Thu.Jun 25, 2020

Want to be Less Stressed Out? More Productive? Try This.

Ms. Career Girl

What strange and uncertain times we are living in, but there are some upsides to working from home. Not battling the morning commuter traffic is definitely one of them. What are you doing with all that extra time you have in the mornings?

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You Don’t Have to Give it All to Show True Leadership

Evil HR Lady

Photo by Kasumi Loffler. If you want to build employee loyalty, consider the example of Texas Roadhouse CEO Kent Taylor. He just donated his $800.000 in salary and bonuses to help keep his employees during the shutdown. Texas Roadhouse hasn’t had to lay anyone off or cut anyone’s pay.

2020 209

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Why scale is an important ingredient of your resume accomplishments

Cube Rules

Simply put: In your resume accomplishments, size matters. If you think about it, what you and the hiring manager are doing is seeing if there is a good fit for you on the team – one of the only three things every interview question is about.

2020 130

ask the readers: how to unionize your workplace

Ask A Manager

A lot of workplaces have a lot of reasons to unionize right now , and organizing could be your only option if your employer is behaving badly and refusing to engage in reasonable dialogue with you and your coworkers.

2020 108

Searches for ‘Remote Work’ Increase Significantly During Covid-19

The Undercover Recruiter

Covid-19 is changing people’s work preferences with many now looking for roles that give them the flexibility to work from home. New data from LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, finds that job searches for remote work have increased by 60% globally since March.

2020 73

COVID Has Been Hard on my Friend: Jim, The Shoe Addict.

HR Capitalist

I'm back with updates on work clothes. As a primer, I'm the same guy who was unafraid to bring you uncomfortable fashion classics like the following: BEST PRACTICES IN BLUE BLAZERS FOR THE CONTEMPORARY WHITE PROFESSIONAL CLASS MALE.

2020 65

a questionable mug, unpaid volunteers at a yoga studio, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Is this mug inappropriate for work?

2020 82

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my well-meaning family keeps sending me terrible job leads

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: Because of the COVID-19 crisis, my job has temporarily furloughed me, and I’m not sure when (if?) it will ever come back to its normal capacity.

2020 73

updates: friends at work, the higher-earning male coworker, and more

Ask A Manager

Here are three updates from past letter-writers. Am I allowed to have friends at work if I work in HR? (first update here ). I’ve so been enjoying everyone’s updates and thought I’d send my own in. The last time I wrote to you, I had just started a new junior HR role at a larger organization after I survived layoffs at the first one. Unfortunately, after two years, I was miserable. I was doing work way above my title/pay grade (think director-level responsibilities on an entry-level salary).

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