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Survive and Thrive: 5 Must-Read New Books For Career Success

Ms. Career Girl

The post Survive and Thrive: 5 Must-Read New Books For Career Success appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Career success is one of those terms that isn’t very easy to define. Because what success looks like varies widely from one person to another.

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How to Write a C-suite Executive Career Brand Biography

Executive Career Brand

When I first speak with potential c-suite clients, we discuss their job search target and goals, and which of the services I provide they’ll need to accomplish their career goals.

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Do You Need a Job Search Marketing Plan?

Professional Resume Services

Don’t jump blindly into your job search! Here’s how to draft a strategy for success. Coming up with a marketing plan at the beginning a job search can sound a little intimidating, even for professionals and executives.

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Create a Handbill if You Want to Stand Out at Networking Events and Job Fairs

Competitive Resumes

Some of you are wondering what a handbill and how is it useful. Where did I get this from? Let me share a valuable conversation I had with Jessica Dillard is the founder of Dillard & Associates is a National Career Staffing and Resume Writing Firm.

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Help! My Co-Founders Have Turned Into Jerks

Evil HR Lady

We four friends started an advertising company. I was given the role of business development manager. I love the job but during the course of time, the two partners who are better skilled became the self-proclaimed CEO and CMO suddenly. Then started the unfair treatment. They made us two feel like employees and often insult and humiliate us in front of people working under me. In fact, all the employees feel the two are senior management and I am working under them.

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8 Tips to Create a Successful Social Marketing Strategy in HR

The Undercover Recruiter

While HR used to be limited to local applicants, the game has changed since the rise of social media.

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International Student Insights: Overcoming the Little Challenges of Learning in Another Country

Career Alley

Being an international student can teach you a lot about another culture and about yourself. Studying abroad has the potential to be the adventure of a lifetime, but it can also be scary and challenging. Career advice Working Abroad

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The Importance of Upgrading Your Tools

Personal Excellence Blog

In Skills Development , I shared the importance of developing our skills to achieve maximum results. Similarly, it’s important to have the best tools to achieve the best results. By tools, I mean whatever software or equipment you use for your work.

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CAPITALIST WEBINAR: How to Become the Best at Hourly Hiring in Your Industry.

HR Capitalist

Let's face it, I like to talk about a lot of upper end talent topics here. I'm a little bit of a snob, right? Wait, I've done the tough stuff too! For example, take hourly hiring.

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How to Know if A Job Will Be a Good Fit for You

Corn on the Job

Looking for your first job? Thinking of a career change? You might be tempted to sign up for the first opportunity you get. Hold on a minute… Not all jobs are equal in terms of flexibility and enjoyment of work. Your job will take up a good portion of your life.

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I Will Survive, HR style


(My apologies to Gloria Gaynor.) At first I was afraid, I was petrified. I kept thinking I couldn’t find the right person even nationwide. But then I spent so many nights combing resumes and stalking on LinkedIn and I grew strong. I knew we’d offer all along. And now you’re here. And it’s all new. […] Source. Basics HR Human Resources

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drunk boss got angry I couldn’t drive him, emailing thank-you’s for routine office stuff, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss got drunk and was angry that I couldn’t drive him back to the office. I have been working at my job (a Fortune 500 company) for nine months, after I graduated college last year. My boss and I went to a business lunch and he drank a lot. He was upset that I couldn’t drive us back to the office because I don’t have a driver’s license. He assumed I did. He didn’t tell me to drive until we were in the parking lot.

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Influence the Future of #HRTech by Completing our Recruiting & HR Buyer Survey


One of the things I tend to get fired up about it the selling, marketing and engagement process between human resources and recruiting professionals with industry service providers and vendors. In my. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR Recruiting buyer survey HR tech HR Technology survey

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my mom is pressuring me to apply for jobs I don’t want

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I am a mid-20s-something with a master’s degree in international affairs interning at a nonprofit that focuses on serving ethnic minorities of the region I studied in college and graduate school. My internship ends in June (six-month internship), so I started looking and applying for jobs in March. However, my mom is stressing me out about getting a full-time job before then.

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questions about resigning — while your boss is on maternity leave, when your boss is hard to find, and when your coworkers are leaving too

Ask A Manager

Resigning! It always stresses people out (except for when it just elates them). Here are three questions about it. Should I resign while my boss is on maternity leave, or on her first day back? I’m in the final stages of negotiating an offer and hope to be able to resign from my current position soon. Based on how conversations are going, I think it’s reasonable to hope I could give notice as soon as this week. I have not yet negotiated my start date.

update: my husband doesn’t want to comply with my company’s trading policy

Ask A Manager

Remember the letter from the person whose husband didn’t want to comply with her new job’s stock trading policy ? Here’s the update. I was overwhelmed when I saw the comments: so many different perspectives, some of which were pretty harsh! It was very useful to read.

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