Tue.Apr 07, 2020

Four Jobs to Give Back to Your Community

Career Alley

If you are one of the millions who leave school without knowing exactly what path to take in life, consider the opportunities that offer the lifestyle you are looking for and would you enjoy doing it. Career Advice community give back volunteer

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How to Be a Successful and Persuasive Communicator While Working Remotely

Ms. Career Girl

As social distancing becomes the new normal throughout the US and the world, professionals across industries are making drastic and immediate changes to their work and presentation styles.

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From Physician to Academic and Writer

Career Shifters

“I hated the lack of flexibility.”. Sayantani DasGupta loved her work, but she couldn't understand how her profession showed such a lack of consideration for its workers.

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What Rules for Remote Work Apply to this Unprecedented Situation?

Evil HR Lady

Our CEO wants everyone to wash their hands and come into the office, but I’m trying to convince him the best thing is to let as many people as possible work from home. I’ve tried to tell him it will be fine, but he’s old-school.

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“How Do I Make The Right Career Choice, When I’ve Only Got One Chance To Retrain?”

Career Shifters

Ashley spent years building a successful career. But after an uninspiring job dampened her spirits, she’s planning a complete change. While she’s 100% committed to retraining, there will be sacrifices, and she’s finding it hard to narrow down her options.

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Opportunity for Great HR Pros: Making Remote Work Recommendations Post-Covid Including Financial Gain.

HR Capitalist

It's all going to change! Once people have worked from home for this long of stretch, they're never coming back to the office! If I could short the stock of every expert who has made these proclamations in the COVID-19 lockdown era, I would.

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why can’t you contact your spouse’s employer to advocate for them?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: Why are you telling people that spouses as a rule cannot contact their partner’s boss and saying that is unprofessional? Is that in every situation?

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your employer can take your temperature, and other changes

Ask A Manager

The EEOC has issued new guidance about coronavirus in the workplace — and has clarified that some practices that wouldn’t normally be allowed are permissible during the outbreak. Here’s what you need to know.

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The Careers You Can Carve Out At Home

Corn on the Job

You have a lot of time at home at the moment, and it might be your chance to make something more of your career. Who knows where you could go next , now that you have the time and energy to work on yourself and your skills?

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we’re laid off but still getting work emails, coworker accused us of laughing at her, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s six answers to six questions. Here we go…. We’re laid off but being “strongly encouraged” to attend work webinars. I’ve spent three years in sales for a major luxury brand. Stores are individually franchised. Our firm has 70 or so employees.

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Financially Surviving When Too Sick To Work

Corn on the Job

Pixabay. CCO Licensed. Being sick could leave you without a decent income. While many employers may offer sick pay, this is not always enough to live on. Fortunately, there are other ways in which you can financially survive when too sick to work. Here are just a few ways to fund yourself when sick.

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can you fire someone in the midst of a pandemic?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: In the weeks before the outbreak hit, I was preparing to put someone on my team on a performance improvement plan. We’ve addressed my concerns about her work in performance reviews and will see some improvement, but it keeps slipping so the improvement plan will be the last step before letting this person go. I had a call with HR two weeks ago about the process and asked if we should wait until after things calm down.

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Tips For Doing A Masters Degree

Corn on the Job

A masters degree is another level of qualification that can help you in a variety of ways to build on your career and to hopefully achieve a lot more in success and financial gain. However, it’s important to know what you’re doing before you go into it. Here are some tips for doing a masters degree.

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Tackling the Cyber Security Skills Shortage

Corn on the Job

The internet is playing an essential role in facilitating the smooth running of businesses and institutions across the globe. We use it for several purposes including marketing, establishing our online presence, and making transactions for items purchased from various sites. link].

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