Tue.Nov 06, 2018

Take A Vacation. It May Save Your Life.

Ms. Career Girl

Do not follow your mother’s example! If you have ever heard yourself say, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all,” I suggest you look again when it comes to work habits and taking vacations. Because a vacation may save your life.

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The Power of Volunteering For Your Personal Brand and Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

If you’re not already doing some in-person volunteering in your local community, think about getting involved. Savvy business leaders like you have so much to offer organizations that are a good fit for your talents, skills and sensibilities. And guess what? The returns to you can be immeasurable.

2018 201

Has HR Gone Wild? Josh Bersin at UNLEASH

Evil HR Lady

HR is no longer content just to be disruptive, it’s gone wild! That was the message Industry Analyst Josh Bersin gave at UNLEASH last week in Amsterdam. It evokes images of the wild west. A place where government regulation was rare and arguments settled with gunfights rather than negotiation. At least that’s the image people often have when you talk about wild. While we certainly have regulations to deal with, GDPR anyone?, the world of HR Tech is indeed wild. The struggle for attention.

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How to Create an Executive Resume That Leads to Interviews

Professional Resume Services

There’s no single secret to help executives create the perfect resume that will lead to an interview with every application. However, when you’ve incorporated key components within your resume, the chances of landing an interview increase exponentially.

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“How Do I Find The Confidence To Step Out Of My Career Comfort Zone?”

Career Shifters

Beth's work feels stagnant and mundane. But while she's sure it's time for a change, she's also finding it hard to stomach leaving the security of the work she knows. How do you find the motivation to leave the familiar and head out into the unknown

2018 164

7 ways to perfect your candidate application journey

The Undercover Recruiter

Candidate journey is an important component of your employer brand, and something you should be constantly looking to improve.

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update: I’ve let my CEO think I’m engaged to a woman but I’m not

Ask A Manager

Remember the letter-writer whose CEO incorrectly assumed he was engaged to a woman , and who wasn’t sure how or whether to correct him? Here’s the update. Thank you to the AAM community your support and kindness in my last letter. I wanted to provide an update: The week after sending the letter, I knew that the ship had sailed and I would have to talk to my boss.

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10 questions you should ask your interviewer

Ask A Manager

The way some job candidates handle the portion of the interview where it’s their turn to ask questions has always surprised me. A lot of people don’t have many questions at all — which is ill-advised when you’re considering spending 40+ hours a week at the job and when it is likely to have a huge impact on your day-to-day quality of life.

2018 54

is it rude to refuse to talk on the phone, how to tell my boss “I already did that,” and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Is it rude to refuse to talk on the phone? I’m a first-year grad student getting my MFA in Studio Arts. I am in charge of creating labels for an annual event that every MFA first-year has responsibilities for. Since we are putting up the show in a week, I sent a group message three days ago asking people to give me the information for the labels by today so I could work on it after my job (this was approved by my supervisor).

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