Mon.Oct 19, 2020

7 Quick Fitness Tips For The Busy Career Woman

Ms. Career Girl

The day looks something like this. Wake up, get dressed, throw some makeup on, drink 1 st of many cups of coffee, and off to work and meetings. Lunch, eaten at your desk might look like whatever is in the vending machine, and we forge on with phone calls and more meetings.

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The Real Reasons You Can’t Force Your Employees to Buy Donuts

Evil HR Lady

I want to be clear that I love donuts. This post has nothing against donuts. I believe that every office that I visit should have donuts available. I think this is a good idea. However, I ran across a Reddit post about an office tradition involving $100 worth of donuts.

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Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths.” ” – Arnold Schwarzenegger. I know people who have come from humble origins, without the prettiest of faces, supportive family relations, the best of health, or financial advantages.

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Are Ageist Microaggressions a Thing?

The HR Capitalist

2020 has been a hell of a ride. Pandemic, recession, re-invention of the workplace and an intense focus on racism. Without question, we'll make it through to 2021. Things will be better on all fronts.

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How to Deal with Changing COVID-19 Regulations

The Undercover Recruiter

Research shows nearly half the population has reported feeling worried and stressed since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic earlier this year.

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Managing Your Data in the New Normal

Water Cooler Wisdom

Amid social distancing, stringent lockdowns and a second surge of COVID-19 cases, business owners can no longer rely on splashy launch events, mom-and-pop friendliness or a dynamite location to build customer relationships. Today, every business is competing for eyeballs and purchases made on digital channels. Data-based approaches  can help you stand out more effectively.

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a tale of two companies

Ask a Manager

I want to highlight two very different approaches by employers that were described in the comments on one of last week’s letters.

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should I use a two-column resume?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I am going to school for a master’s degree for a health adjacent profession (think psychologist, clinical social worker etc) and I have a question about the best way to format my resume. Most of the things on my resume take up maybe half of the space on a line.

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my manager has a million questions about EVERYTHING

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: Please help me identify some strategies to appropriately communicate with my new supervisor (“Jane”), who excessively questions *everything*. For context, I am a mid-level manager in the U.S. government, and she is my new supervisor who has never managed before. The excessive questioning covers almost all aspects of our work, but a good example is how we’re managing the new schedules we are developing.

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