July, 2015

8 Tips for Printing Your Resume Professionally

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A printed resume is something every job seeker should have on hand, and it is one way to demonstrate your professionalism. Resumes

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Edit Your Resume Like a Pro

Professional Resume Services

Editing is part of writing an effective resume. Writing an effective resume is about more than just creating a resume once and distributing it to prospective employers. An executive resume writer will tell you how important it is to review your resume and edit it often. Unfortunately, many people find one of their biggest weaknesses is editing. Hiring an executive resume service can provide the assistance you need, but learning to edit on your own can be invaluable. Focus on Your Achievements.

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How Important Are Thank You Notes in Executive Job Search?

Executive Career Brand

Job seekers these days seem to pay less attention to good manners and etiquette through the job search process . Which makes these positive qualities an even more powerful asset to those who always display them. People with particularly good manners stand out above those who don’t bother or never really learned how.

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Negotiating for an Increase in Starting Salary

Hiring Technical People

You have an offer. It’s lower than what you expected. You know that the higher your starting salary in a job, the more money you make over your lifetime. If you get “behind” in your salary, it’s difficult to catch up. How do you know what to ask for and how can you do it? Understand your value. Read Four Tips for Defining Your Value. Now you are prepared to explain it.

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8 Tips for Building a Better Website for Your #SideHustle

Ms. Career Girl

The post 8 Tips for Building a Better Website for Your #SideHustle appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Just because you have a full-time career doesn’t mean you can’t follow your passion. Having a side gig is an excellent way to bring in a little extra cash, or to work toward being able to go out on your own at some point in time. If you’d like your side gig to grow or need to attract customers in the first place, old fashioned methods like word-of-mouth are a great starting point.

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Career Change: 3 Tips to Get Traction

Career Trend

Does the following sound like something you’ve said? I want to change jobs or industries but I don’t want to take a cut in pay. I want to move to a different part of the country – or world – but I refuse to pay for relocation. I want to improve my circumstances, but I […]. The post Career Change: 3 Tips to Get Traction appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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Your Guide to Writing a Cover Letter

Career Alley

Whenever you apply for a job position through a job search board or company career site, you really should include a cover letter so that the hiring manager knows there is a match between your skill set, experience and the job opportunity. A cover letter allows you to demonstrate the professional skills and experiences that […]. Cover letters

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Deadly LinkedIn Mistake: No Professional Photo

Executive Career Brand

When I first viewed the LinkedIn profile of a recent client (a CFO job seeker), I knew something was fishy. A dashing 30-something man was smiling at me with perfect teeth, perfect hair, and a perfectly chiseled face. Based on his career history, I knew my client had to be around 50. He obviously used a stock photo. Sure enough, he told me he and some colleagues thought it would be fun to put up this misleading photo.

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Job Search Trap: I Owe My Team

Hiring Technical People

You’ve been at your company for a while. You’ve hired a number of the people you work with, or you work closely with them. They are your “work family.” ” Now, you’re thinking about looking for a job. You think you owe something to your team. Do you? Consider your perspective. Who do you owe what? Who are you protecting? Who deserves your responsibility? When you think about “owing” your team, you take responsibility for their careers.

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Workplace Leadership: Challenging Accepted Dynamics

Ms. Career Girl

The post Workplace Leadership: Challenging Accepted Dynamics appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. There's a lot of myths about how to be the best in the workplace. "To To be a great leader, you have to show everyone who's boss.". The only way for your employees to learn is to stop hand-holding.". Working longer hours means you're working harder than everyone else.". Workplace leadership begins with you, no matter where you fall within the company heirarchy.

Branding: How to Differentiate Yourself on Your Resume & LinkedIn

Careers Done Write

First, you want to show that you meet the requirements for your target job. Next you want take it up a notch by showing how you are special. What makes you a top candidate? In a highly-competitive market, you must find ways to differentiate yourself from the rest. Here are five simple ways to brand yourself as an ideal candidate for your target job. Impeccable Visual Presentation. The appearance of your resume and LinkedIn profile are usually the first impression of your brand.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in Government Jobs

Career Alley

If you are one of those who would like to have a relaxing work environment with a steady moving career, a job in the government sector may be the best option for you. Career advice Job Search

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Should You Use a Resume Template?

Professional Resume Services

The best executive resume format isn’t a template. Putting together resumes that get you hired can be a time-consuming process so why wouldn’t you use any help you could get? A template may seem like the best executive resume format, but is it really? While a template may make the process of creating a resume faster and easier, hiring an executive resume service to help you stand out is the best option. You Must Stand Out.

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HR CAPITALIST JOB OF THE MONTH: VP of Talent Acquisition (Denver)

The HR Capitalist

Kinetix and Kris Dunn ( HR Capitalist , Fistful of Talent ) are working exclusively a key client to fill the executive role of VP of Talent Acquisition. This role will be key in our client's future focus on talent and will report directly to the company's SVP of Human Capital. Compensation and rewards? Inspiring for the right candidate. Here's the basic specs of the role: Company - 8,000 employees, global footprint with significant operations overseas. .

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Great Review of Manage Your Job Search

Hiring Technical People

I spoke about hiring for cultural fit at Communitech in Waterloo, CA earlier this year. While I was there, I met another author, Yvonne Chypchar. She wrote a terrific book about knowing your value, Be the Smart Girl: Money and Your Value: Navigating the world of part-time and summer jobs for girls 12 to 17.). Yvonne enjoyed my talk and we emailed each other about our books. She wrote a review of Manage Your Job Search at How to ease the pain of your job search and thrive.

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Follow Your Dream. But Don't Quit Your Day Job

Ms. Career Girl

The post Follow Your Dream. But Don't Quit Your Day Job appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Passion vs. paycheck? You don't necessarily have to pick one or the other, according to QuadJobs co-founder Andra Newman. A few weeks ago, I was invited to a book party for Jessica Knoll, author of my favorite book this summer—the bestselling page-turner Luckiest Girl Alive.

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Resume Help: How to Make a Long Story Short

Careers Done Write

There is an adaptation of a well-known expression that says, “He knows how to make a short story long.” ” That is a great way to describe today’s resume example. We’ll focus on just a few excerpts of the resume so we can dig deep and make big changes. This resume has a series of long bulleted statements that in addition to being too long, the statements often bury the lead. In some instances, the accomplishment is not clear when reading the bulleted statement.

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Tweet Your Way to a New Job – Twitter for Job Search

Career Alley

One of the more important theories of job search is to "get there first" as this gives you the best chance. Job Search Twitter

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Everything You Should Know About Salary Negotiation

Professional Resume Services

When writing a professional resume, think ahead to your compensation. When you’re looking for a new job, you likely have a salary goal in mind. As you’re writing a professional resume , you begin thinking about what you’re really worth. However, when you’re presented with a job offer, you may feel like you either have to take it or leave it. However, this is not the case.

5 Reasons Why Your Kid Will End Up Being a 40-Year Old Barista.

The HR Capitalist

Not sure why, but got a couple of notes yesterday on this post I did last year over at FOT. For those of you with kids who are home for the summer, you're seeing them on the couch vegging out. You're nervous that they're going to end up underemployed. This is re-post is for you. That title is harsh. Time to man up/woman up. As whatever higher being you believe in knows—I’ve got my own challenges as a dad. But there’s a couple of things I see out there in the world.

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The Perils of Being Helpful

Evil HR Lady

I have worked in Human Resources for 5 years and I am really proud of the work that I do; however, I found myself recently lying about my title and job duties to acquaintances. I find myself constantly being asked to help find people a job. I started working at a world renowned organization about 18 months ago and these requests are coming up a lot. So much so that friends of friends are starting to contact me.

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Real Career Girl Inspiration: From Farm to Table with Ashley Tyrner

Ms. Career Girl

The post Real Career Girl Inspiration: From Farm to Table with Ashley Tyrner appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Many women dream of starting their own business for different reasons. What proves to be most successful when it comes to starting a business is to start one that is close to your heart. Ashley Tyrner is founder and CEO of Farmbox Direct , a startup that delivers USDA Organic handpicked fruits and vegetables directly to your doorstep weekly.

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Networking on Vacation

Careers Done Write

It is vacation season! If you are like me, you find it challenging to forget completely about work. You never know when you will meet an interesting person who shares a common professional interest. On the other hand, this is one of the precious few weeks that you have away from the grind of your job. Let’s consider the possibility of being open to networking on vacation. Here are a few smart tips for networking without going overboard. Be Ready to Use Your Elevator Pitch.

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5 Things Job Recruiters Won’t Tell You

Career Alley

Job recruiters are always looking for new applicants who could potentially fill open positions for their clients. Job seekers sometimes do not understand that, although a recruiter will help you find a job, they actually work for the hiring company. If you’ve not worked with recruiters before (or you’ve not had much luck), there are […]. Recruiters

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How Do You Create a Personal Brand?

Professional Resume Services

C-level personal branding can play a major role in your ability to start your career. When you hear the term, branding, what comes to mind? Most people think of businesses and the logos and slogans they use to capture the attention of their target audience. In the world of resumes and cover letters, your C-level personal branding isn’t all that different. When writing an effective resume , you need to focus on how you present yourself and what information you share with prospective employers.

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How to Avoid Long-Term Unemployment


If you’re out of work for a long time, it’s not necessarily your fault, says Ben Casselman of FiveThirtyEight, a polling aggregator. Casselman says his firm’s work shows that by far, the single biggest predictor of whether people will be out of work for a year or more is the state of the economy at […]. Job Search Dealing with Unemployment

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12 Factors Other Than Ability That Impact Your Success at Work

Evil HR Lady

The hardest and smartest work should get the promotion and the praise , right? But it doesn’t always work out that way. Every wondered why ability isn’t always king? Baseball Coach Jon Loomer identified 12 Factors Other Than Ability That Impact Playing Time for his teams. The principles transfer easily to the business world, so with his permission, here is why being good at your job isn’t good enough. Do you hustle?

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Finding Your First Job After College

Ms. Career Girl

The post Finding Your First Job After College appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Back when I was in college, I wish someone had taken me aside and advised me to look into my future career options. I was so focused on exams and deadlines, I forgot that the entire point of college is to get you prepared for the working world. I certainly did my share of networking in college, understanding that it would boost my job prospects to have contacts in the industries I cared about.

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Resume Help: Bullets Lead to Boredom

Careers Done Write

Today’s resume for review is an experienced, credentialed tax accountant. The biggest problem with the resume is that each section consists of a long list of bullets. There are several reasons why a resume heavy with bullets is not effective. Aesthetically, it resembles a shopping list. Secondly, when a resume is heavy with bullets, readers tend to scan list and not read every single item. In other words, key information can be lost.

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Your Internet Profile Matters when Searching for a Job

Career Alley

It's not always what you know about your Internet profile that can keep you from getting a job (or worse, get you fired). Sometimes what you don't know can hurt you as well. Career advice Reputation

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Should You Use a Executive Recruiter?

Professional Resume Services

A professional resume writing service can help you get attention. How you represent yourself with your personal branding can play a significant role in whether you are hired. However, it’s not all about hiring a professional resume writing service to write resumes that get you hired. In some cases, you need a executive recruiter who will be by your side to help you make the right career move. There are several reasons you should consider working with a recruiter as part of your job search.

2015 180

A Negotiating Story – “Monticello”

Sklover Working Wisdom

The True Story: Thomas Jefferson’s home, located outside Charlottesville, Virginia, is named “Monticello.” It includes a sprawling plantation house and outbuildings that are preserved as a museum and popular tourist attraction. Monticello is considered an excellent example of neoclassical architectural design, and is registered as a National Historic Landmark.

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What Your Boss Doesn’t Want You to Know

Evil HR Lady

Employees are often scared of their managers—after all, managers have a tremendous amount of power over their direct reports. But, what we perceive as reality isn’t always true. There are some things your manager would really prefer you didn’t know. Here are five of them: 1. I Can’t Fire You.

2015 198

Should You Buy Fake Handbags

Ms. Career Girl

The post Should You Buy Fake Handbags appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. You may have noticed your favorite actresses, models, and a celebrity carrying designer bags from the world’s leading fashion houses. Louis Vuitton and other designers offer exquisite bags in trendy styles and classic designs. If you want to have the best designer styles for work, travel, or a night on the town, fake LV bags and other designer replicas may offer the best option for you. Fake Bags.

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Keywords Are King on Your LinkedIn Profile

Careers Done Write

If you want to be found on LinkedIn, your profile must be rich with keywords. If you are confused about which keywords to use, how to integrate them, and where to place them, follow these suggestions. Start with a Strong Headline. The headline is a critical section for keywords. Some professionals write things that are a bit lengthy. That will not generate a great response unless it is also rich in relevant keywords.

2015 143

6 More Android Apps for Job Search & the Perfect Resume

Career Alley

Smartphones have become one of the leading "devices" for job search. Your chances of getting an interview are significantly increased if you "get there first". Job Search

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What Are the Best Internet Job Boards for C-Level Executives?

Professional Resume Services

Finding the right job board will enhance the power of resumes and cover letters. You hire an executive resume writer to help you perfect resumes and cover letters , but how are you actually finding the ideal job? There are many job boards where people can network and make connections that can lead to new career opportunities. However, general job boards won’t provide the same results as niche markets.

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