August, 2013

4 Ways to Catch the Hiring Manager’s Attention with Your Resume

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Mark Twain once said “The news of the resume’s demise has been greatly exaggerated.”. Okay, so technically he didn’t say that exactly, but he might as well have been talking about resumes when he mostly spoke those words. Not long ago people were writing eulogies to the good old resume and saying that employers didn’t even want or use them anymore, but lately that tune has changed in popular culture – the resume is back. Here’s a little secret, though: it never left.

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Why You Should Be A Morning Person

Ms. Career Girl

“I want to be a morning person, but I just can’t seem to wake up.” ” . Does this sound like you? Have you been trying your hardest to become a morning person, but fail every time you hit snooze? That used to be me. I was not a morning person for the majority of my life. The only reason I woke up early in elementary, middle, and high school was because school started at 7:45am.

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How to Launch a Personal Website in 5 Minutes


Establishing an online presence is absolutely essential in this digital day and age, more so if your profession lies within a creative industry.

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Without Words, Stories Will Wither

Career Trend

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter “We hear the mantra everywhere: make it visual, use more pictures, forget text–it’s all about images,” said Neicole Crepeau in her recent blog post, In the Age of Images, Why Words Still Dominate. Throughout her weighty article, Neicole addresses the image-crazy digital world we live in, with social sites like Facebook and [.] The post Without Words, Stories Will Wither appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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5 Mistakes That Can Derail Your Confidential Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

Whether you foresee a layoff coming, have decided to move to another company, or you’re pursuing a career transition, chances are you’ll be conducting a stealth job search. You want to hang on to your existing job, while you’re looking for another one. If your search is found out by your employer, you may find yourself ushered out the door, before you’re ready. Maintaining confidentiality in a job search is a delicate thing. Proceed cautiously.

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Interview Questions for Program Managers

Hiring Technical People

One of the top posts on this site is Interview Questions for Project Managers. I bet some of you are interviewing for program managers, too. Here’s a little guidance for how to interview for those jobs. A program manager is a strategic job. Remember, a program is a collection of projects where the business value arises from the delivery of all of the projects.

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Alternative Career Options for When You Want to Escape the 9-5

Career Alley

Are you staring at your computer screen, stuck in a dingy office, counting the seconds ‘till the clock strikes 5pm? Have you been daydreaming of alterative careers where you can escape the daily grind, and really throw yourself into something new, fresh and exciting? If you’re desperate to escape the monotony of 9-5, but think every job is the same; think again.

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How to Say "No" to Your Boss


The majority of the time, working for a boss means taking instructions and being asked to do stuff. However, sometimes we get asked to do stuff that we''re not too keen on but because it''s part of the job, accept the request, and get on with it. Occasionally though, we will be asked to do something by our boss that we are just not happy to comply with and this can create a real problem.

2013 174

Suffering from Low T?

Careers Done Write

Not you, your résumé Indicators of a résumé with “low T” include little white lies, half-truths, fudged dates, and exaggerations. The “T” is for truth. If you said “yes” to any of those indicators, your résumé is a little light on the truth. The only cure is honesty. Of course, you want to present yourself in the best light to gain the attention of potential employers.

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Executive Job Search: How Blogging Makes You Smarter

Executive Career Brand

For years I’ve been recommending blogging to my job-seeking c-suite and senior-level executive clients, to help them become highly visible, build credibility as industry thought leaders, and showcase their unique value to target employers (i.e., their personal brand). I’ve blogged about blogging many times, comparing the way it impacts my own business marketing efforts to the way it will benefit job seekers’ personal and career marketing.

2013 185

Resolving Resume Confusion

Career Trend

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter While the futurists vie for the first-place ribbon in having predicted the resume’s demise, the resume heart beats strong. Social Profiles Are Modes of Transportation For Your Resume The primary challenge with many articles written by these forward-thinking bloggers is that they want to present a replacement to the resume when, in fact, they’re simply suggesting [.] The post Resolving Resume Confusion appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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4 Tips to Help You Pass Employment Questionnaires

Career Alley

Employment exams are difficult at times, and passing them can get your foot in the door for a number of jobs. Personality exams are a necessary part of getting a job in the sales field, and if you want to do well, you need to show your prospective employer that you are good with people and a hard worker. Passing an employment questionnaire is a vital first step toward securing a new job. Personality tests can be tough though. These are often applied by employers with sales positions open.

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Concluding the Money Makeover Series: Lessons Learned

Ms. Career Girl

The Money Makeover Series has come to an end – but in the lives of these four girls things are only just beginning! No philosophy or life plan can be completely remodeled in three months, but Kayla, Mimosa, Krystle, and Pamela are now on paths to brighter financial futures now that they’ve done a little bit of budgeting and a lot of soul searching. So what can we learn from their experiences? Kayla: In Need of a Money Plan. Kayla could never shake the feeling of financial anxiety.

2013 180

Being an Introvert at Work


Knowing whether you are an introvert or extrovert can really make a difference to your experience of work and knowing what type of work suits you. The words introvert and extrovert are used a lot these days and you may think you know which one you are, however you may be in for a surprise. You can take this test to find out (or reaffirm what you already know).

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3 Ways Volunteering And Networking Mesh

Professional Resume Services

“Networking” is that fragile web of connections you have with other people and volunteering can strengthen that web in several ways. Here are some of the advantages a voluntary approach to networking can add to your career: Maintaining activity through volunteer work in your field keeps you in contact with potential employers and co-workers. When an opening comes up, they remember meeting you at several events. They also remember what you were like to work with!

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Is Google Plus Useful for Personal Branding and Executive Job Search?

Executive Career Brand

Many of the c-suite and senior-level executive job seekers I encounter are not familiar with Google+. I suggest they create a Google+ profile , along with a LinkedIn profile , to form a base for online personal branding and building a diverse online presence. Because they’ve often never heard of Google+, they don’t understand its value.

2013 170

Happily Employed? Hear Out a Recruiter’s Pitch

Career Trend

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter While many of us have preconceived notions about recruiters, one thing is for sure, they often are the gateway to great opportunities. And like with any profession, there are good, and there are not-so-good recruiters. The following message assumes that the recruiter whom you are hearing from is ‘one of the good [.] The post Happily Employed? Hear Out a Recruiter’s Pitch appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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3 Tips for Competitive Career Search

Career Alley

Obtaining a job tends to be difficult in today’s environment. Even minimum wage jobs at fast food joints are hard to come by. For individuals seeking a permanent career, the pickings are even slimmer. Job seekers must prove to potential employers that they have the right skills and experience for the job. With the right competitive edge, you can land that job. Choose the Right Educational Tract. To prepare yourself for the competitive job market, choose the right educational tract for you.

2013 283

Career Confession: I’m underpaid.

Ms. Career Girl

Dear world, I am an underpaid employee. I don’t like it. I have to suck it up. Sincerely, Poorest Meghan. I said it. I work way too hard for the teeny paycheck I receive every other week. I have to submit a daily timesheet detailing how many hours I spent working for each of my clients, so I know exactly how many hours I pump out without seeing any pennies in return. The big kicker? It’s life. It sucks and it’s frustrating, but we have to pay our dues (no pun intended).

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The Freelancer's Guide to Taking Holidays


Working as a freelancer has many benefits but there are some downsides to being a freelancer too. For example, when every customer or project counts as income it can be hard to turn work down, sometimes even at the expense of a holiday. However, we all need breaks to maintain a balance in our lives and to avoid burnout; especially important when you are your own source of income. Here are a few ideas of ways to tackle this issue: 1. Take shorter breaks.

Preventing Burnout: Community


A workplace can be a community or a battleground. People do not simply co-exist; they interact. They can ignore one another for only so long. Eventually people will either support or undermine those around them. The supportive side increases the … Continue reading → Areas of Worklife Burnout Civility Dysfunctional Groups Organizational Change Work Engagement Workgroups Community Dysfunctional work groups

2013 156

Résumé Help: Show Me the Money

Careers Done Write

Today’s candidate presents an uninspired list of job functions. The tenses are not consistent. Some items are merely a statement of a function, like “Stakeholder management.” ” Many items hint that the candidate may be holding back and not sharing the real accomplishment. Overall, the candidate does not quantify the scope of her responsibilities, such as budget size, number of offices, number of staff, number of accounts, and dollar value of transactions.

2013 149

2 Ways Your Personal Brand Is Your Business

Professional Resume Services

Do you treat your online presence as if it were your small business? You should! Otherwise, you may end up like the unfortunate guy in this recent story on LearnVest titled, “ Saving Face: Does Your Online Reputation Need Managing? ” He googled himself to prepare for a job change and was unpleasantly surprised. The article has some very good points about determining whether to invest in an online branding service or dealing with the details yourself.

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#TrendingTopic: Job Referral Tools

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In today’s competitive job market, jobseekers are getting increasingly creative with the way they conduct their job searches. People are posting Facebook ads, building online relationships with employers, using social networking websites, job boards, search engines, and recently, job referral tools and platforms. For all parties involved, the referral system is unquestionably beneficial.

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Making New Friends as a Career Girl

Ms. Career Girl

About 2 years ago, one of my very close friends (we’ll call her Sandra) started to drift away from me. We were really close in college: we were in the same sorority, we went out together all the time, we went to workout classes together, we even synched our schedules so that we could pull all-nighters on the same night. I considered her to be my BFF4L (best friend forever for life). A few months after she graduated, I noticed we were slowly spending less and less time together.

2013 157

Tech Junkie? Why An IT Career Might Be For You


Are you the one your family and friends come running to for help with their computer problems? Maybe you’re the one with the most up to date smart phone yet you anticipate the arrival of the newest version soon to come? Do you find all this “nerdy” stuff interesting? Are you in need of a career? If so, perhaps a career in information technology may be what you’re looking for. The perfect match for you!

2013 158

Series on Agile Recruiting Posted on Dice

Hiring Technical People

I just completed writing a series on agile recruiting for Here are all the posts: What is Agile Anyway? How Tech Teams Manage Workload in Agile. What the Heck is Kanban? Agile Culture and Recruiting–Hiring Geeks That Fit. Five W’s of Agile Recruiting. I hope you enjoy these posts. Tell all your recruiter friends! Recruiter agile hiring cultural fit culture Hiring Geeks That Fit

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Relationship Styles: One Size Does Not Fit All


Each person brings something distinct to a workplace. Despite efforts to establish standard policies and procedures, despite efforts to treat people the same, people respond somewhat differently. They have a distinct style of reacting. People have distinct styles about social … Continue reading → Areas of Worklife Dysfunctional Groups Leadership Respect community Community Teamwork

2013 147

Fake LinkedIn Invitations: An Update

The Job Quest

Those scammers who are trying to sucker you with fake LinkedIn invitations are getting craftier (maybe it’s because they’ve read the original post I wrote last spring calling them out). Here’s an image of one of the new fake LinkedIn invitations that showed up in my inbox over the past week: And here is what a real LinkedIn invitation looks like: They have done a lot to eliminate the differences by: using the LinkedIn logo. nailing the color scheme.

Can a Great Resume Save You From a Bad Interview?

Career Alley

If you’ve experienced a bad interview, it can feel devastating, especially if you really wanted the job. However, just because the interview didn’t go as planned, it’s possible that you won’t automatically be ruled out as a potential candidate. If you’ve got an excellent resume, it can save you from a bad interview. There are also some steps you can take after the interview to help increase the likelihood that you still might be able to land the job. Ways Your Resume Can Save You.

2013 278

Money Makeover Series: From Anxious to Empowered

Ms. Career Girl

Several months ago I had my first money talk with Kayla and the overriding theme was anxiety. Kayla went from struggling freelance writer to a pretty great full-time gig, but she could never shake the feeling that she was doing it all wrong when it came to her finances. Now three months have gone by and Kayla’s had quite a bit of growth and development! While her financial anxiety hasn’t completely gone away, it has been drastically reduced, and now she feels empowered.

2013 151

SodaStream at the Office Gets a Sparkling Response


Sometimes I see things that make me sad I''m an adult. It could be a new toy. Or perhaps an animated movie. Maybe a candy bar. So when the SodaStream first hit store shelves, I was beside myself. It was a childhood dream come true: unlimited soda, any flavor, anytime. Almost too much for me to process. With a relatively new baby at home and enough juvenile antics and gadgets to convince anyone I''m 13 (I''m in my 30s!), I knew bringing the SodaStream in through the front door was a no-no.

2013 156

Why You Should Consider A Long Resume (Hint: Executives, listen up!)

Professional Resume Services

Resume length is often debated with the caution added by well-meaning advisors to “keep it short. ” Short is good – for entry-level employees. For executives, not so much. If you are a C-level executive seeking your next position, then you should consider a longer resume. In fact, depending on your experience, two to three pages would be in perfect order.

2013 139

Résumé Help: The ABCs of Credentials on Your Résumé

Careers Done Write

Today we examine the top of Paul’s résumé In fact, we are looking at just the very first line on his résumé, the title line. Paul has a few qualifying credentials, including two degrees and an industry certification. He has listed these credentials after his name. Is this right? Is it pretentious? What is appropriate? Let’s dig deeper on this topic so the first words on your résumé will not be a turn-off! Paul M. Ermonte, BA, MBA, MCSE.

2013 139

7 Most Frequently Asked Resume Writing Questions


Do you have a question about your resume? Contact the team at RedStarResume. Our Resume Writing specialists are available 24/7 to answer any tricky resume questions that you may have. Should I include my picture on my resume? Different countries have different requirements when it comes to using a picture on your resume. Generally speaking for Australia, a picture is not required on your resume. There are exceptions to this rule, of course.

Should You Change Careers? 5 Important Questions

Career Alley

A rising trend has emerged in the job market since the recession, and it’s not really that surprising. Millennial workers love to change careers. The Wall Street Journal reports that the average American worker will soon have 7 different careers in a lifetime – a statistic that seems astounding, even in the current job market.

2013 267

Career Confession: It’s not all competition

Ms. Career Girl

This post should probably start with a little disclaimer: I’m a very competitive person. I come from a long line of competitive people and we tend to find a little bit of competition in everything we do… Hey, it’s human nature. Right?! When I was hired for an entry level position, my firm hired someone else at the same time at the same level. We had similar backgrounds, were the same age and were both clearly dedicated workers. Although we were friendly, the smell of competition filled the air.

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